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For some of you who have read other articles of mine on the subject of courage will know that I often talk about personal courage, facing your fears. I love the quote of Anais Nin, "Life shrinks or expends in proportion to one's courage." If we want our lives to be bigger then we must face our fears head-on, we must push and push hard against those walls that close us in and give us no real freedom to be, no real sense of joy in our lives.

Today I'm going to issue a challenge to everyone reading this. Here's the challenge: Every day I want you to do one thing that you're afraid to do. Conquering your fears is very similar to going to the gym. At first, maybe you can do 5 push-ups, in a month you can do 10 and a year later you're banging out 50 push ups like it was nothing.

You have exercised and strengthened those muscles necessary to do push-ups, and now doing push ups is much easier than it was when you started. You can apply this same simple formula to your fears. If every day you do one thing that scares you, you will start exercising the "muscles" needed to overcome those pesky things that stand in your way from accomplishing your goals and your dreams. The more you do this the easier it becomes.

I know you're afraid, I'm being completely honest with you when I say so was I. Maybe, just maybe this is the day that you choose to get one thing that scares you. If this is not the 1 scary thing you do today then make sure you do 1 scary thing today. Throw down the gauntlet and accept my challenge; make today the start of doing 1 scary thing today.

"The Courage 2 Succeed" is doing "1 Scary Thing Daily"