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10 Inside Secrets to Google Adwords – Part 1

Let’s face it… Google Adwords is not the only source of
traffic on the internet, nor is it free. However, if you cannot
convert the traffic you get from the pay-per-click traffic on
Google Adwords, your site surely won’t convert the casual
visitor who may or may not be ready to buy what your are selling.

When spending money for pay-per-click (PPC) traffic, whether it
is from Google Adwords, Overture, or a 2nd-tier PPC network, the
key is to track your traffic to see if it converts into sales.
There are many software products and online services that can
track your traffic. For a recommendation, visit:

Many people that have tried Google Adwords have lost their
shirt, so to speak. Some keywords on Google Adwords are cheap
(keyword phrases start at a nickel per click). Some keyword
phrases on Google Adwords can cost tens of dollars per click. If
you end up paying high per-click prices on Google Adwords and
don’t sell a high-ticket item on your site, even the most
enviable sales conversion rate won’t turn a profit.

There are several tricks to advertising on Google Adwords that
unless you know them, it becomes almost impossible to turn a
profit on your advertising.

Secret #1 – Only bid on exact match keywords

Google Adwords has a few different ‘keyword matching options’
available. When a keyword is placed in brackets like this:
google adwords, it is called an ‘exact match.’ This means that only
when someone enters that EXACT keyword phrase will your ad
appear. It might occur to you that by limiting your keyword(s)
to only exact match, you are eliminating all those people that
may be searching for the phrase “cheap widgets” or even “widget”
singular, since only the keyword “widgets” plural is an exact
match. Believe me, this is exactly what you want. Sure, it will
take extra time to create an adgroup within the Google Adwords
system for each keyword phrase you want to bid on, but you will
know with 100% certainty which keyword(s) are converting into
sales this way. If you do NOT use the exact match option in
Google Adwords, then there is absolutely no way to know which
keyword(s) are resulting in sales on your site.

Secret #2 – Bid to be in position #2 or 3

When someone searches on Google for your keyword, the first page
of search results are going to reach the most people. What you
want to do is position your ad in one of the top 3 spots. You
don’t want position #1 necessarily, because that position costs
the most and doesn’t give you much more benefit than being in
position 2 or 3. You pay less for these spots than position 1
and gain most of the benefit.

By being in one of these top spots, your ad gets a higher
‘click-thru rate’ (CTR). This is good is because the Google
Adwords system actually rewards you for having an ad with a high
CTR by charging you less per click! Google Adwords exists to
make money for Google. If they have two companies advertising
for the same keyword, and your ad pulls a 10% CTR and your
competitor’s ad for the same keyword pulls a 5% CTR, then Google
Adwords makes more money from your ad. Google Adwords rewards
you for this higher CTR by charging you less per click than your

Secret #3 – Negatively qualify your ads

Admittedly, the problem with having an ad that has a great CTR
is that it gets a lot of clicks! Unless your traffic converts
into sales, it’s hard to turn a profit on your Google Adwords
ads. The key is to put words in the ad that DISCOURAGE people
from clicking on the ad unless they ‘pre-qualified’ to convert
to a sale. For example, if you have site that sells widgets that
cost $10.00 each, then put something in one of the lines of text
in your ad like ‘Widgets cost only $10.00.’ The only catch is
that if your ad isn’t getting a very good CTR in the first
place, then a negative qualifier is only going to reduce your

Your next step? There are many more techniques to learn that
will increase the profitability of Google Adwords campaigns. The
above tricks will start you off towards making Google Adwords
work for you. Check back for Part 2 in this series. You can get
a complete course that covers every tip and trick you will ever
need by visiting:

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