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Twitter is an extraordinary tool for marketers because not only does it keep the content precise and to the point, the platform is also visited by millions of people each day. That’s why each business needs to learn how to promote its services on Twitter properly, and here are some of the best tips to keep in mind!

1. Always try to share valuable content with your own voice. Never try to copy content from others or mimic the way they post. Being your own advocate here and choosing your own voice to share content is what matters the most, and you can rest assured that the experience will be a lot better in the end.

2. Add keywords in your content all the time. Tweets are searchable and that means you can easily get exposure and an SEO bonus if you add keywords in them.

3. Always share links to useful content. This requires you to know your audience and what they like, but once you do that you have to find helpful links for them and share these as often as possible, as they will appreciate it for sure.

4. Tweet others in the industry and show that you are connected with them. This is very important because it will not only raise the importance of your business, it will also inspire trust in your customers, which is very helpful.

5. You should always try to cultivate relationships. If someone tweets you back or retweets your links/content, you should thank them. This way you generate relationships and you can get more leads/customers as a result.

6. Never forget to engage the audience and be authentic. Avoid keeping the Twitter feed on autopilot and using a Spartan language, instead focus on being natural and connecting with your users properly, they will definitely appreciate you for that.

7. You should try to offer helpful advice, links and tools for your users. After all, they are following you to get something useful, be it info or advice and that’s why you need to deliver that to them whenever you can.

8. Try to be transparent, because transparency will always lead to credibility and you want that to happen at all costs. Never over-promise and under-deliver, instead be truthful, keep in mind that these are your loyal customers and treat them accordingly.

9. It’s always a good idea to create hashtags as they allow you to generate buzz around your brand and they also help curate conversations a lot better as well.

10. Share links back to your site so you can generate backlinks and try to tweet links as often as you can. This is a very helpful SEO boost and at the same time it also helps you brand yourself accordingly.

These great tips for Twitter marketing are very helpful because they allow you to harness the power of social media and use it properly. With help from Twitter you can easily expand your customer base, cultivate a thriving relationship with them and take it to the next level. Just give these tips a shot and you will not be disappointed!

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