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Facebook is no longer to just connect with college friends. You can build your social network of fans, followers and connections. Facebook is great for reaching and engaging more people through using relevant and interesting content. This will drive more people to your business! Who wouldn’t want that?

Let’s start with some do’s and don’ts of Facebook. Have you ever been on someone Facebook page and wanted to delete them as a friend because they just rubbed you the wrong way with the way they do business? Don’t become that person!


-Build relationships

-Share relevant content

-Be yourself

-Make profile settings public

-Post photos, videos, notes etc



-Overtly self-promote

-Offer incentives to get reviews or sharing

-Spend much time outside of your areas of business into: personal information, politics, sports, religion, etc.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started.

10 Tips

1. Request 10 friends a day

2. Have people suggest friends for you

3. Provide massive value (videos, Notes etc)

4. Create great photo albums (lifestyle marketing)

5. Add more content to your page (fill in books you like, interests, music etc.)

6. Make a great profile photo (everyone loves a great smile)

7. Import your entire email list

8. Join relevant groups (and post videos, notes and status updated in those groups to get more exposure)

9. Post result oriented statuses (people don’t want a pitch, they want to see results)

10. Socialize! (I mean it is Facebook right?)

Hope this helps you all get started on your journey to social media marketing!

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