123 Steps to Become a SEO Writer

123 Steps to Become a SEO Writer

I never thought to be a SEO writer, but gradually I saw that I can explore this field as I am writer investing time to write blogs and articles. Now you may be thinking nothing new is in it. I agree that nobody can become a SEO writer from the first day of starting to write. Now here my idea is just to share my thoughts so that a new aspirant, who has been given a task of writing search engine optimization (SEO) friendly article, can get a rough idea on this particular type of writing style, instead of getting frustrated to listen to this particular term 'SEO article'.

Well, I can assume that you my reader is already into writing and know this very well that your first duty as a writer is to make your reader understand the idea you want to convey though. At the same time this is much I can take for granted that you well, revise the writing to make it grammatically perfect (although I believe that there is nothing special about grammar when you start writing as English is a language that permits you to read and write in your own way keeping simple base things correct; if I totally wrong then we might not hear the words like 'bestest' and the like).

Now the moment you can make out the idea to your reader in a legitimate way, then I can venture to help or guide you with a few tips to make your writing SEO friendly:

First you have to understand what keywords are. I am not going to define it here as a Google can explain you the things better than me. What I am trying to say is the purpose of choosing a keyword and the literal meaning of the same must be clear to you. If you do not have the clear concept behind the keywords give to you then you can never start playing with those.

If I say the second thing is to know how to use the keywords, then I must say that you need to use them only the time with those. Never try to push keywords in a sentence, if with the context of the sentence precedes you to do so. In most of the cases, out of the pressure from the optimizer, you try to use those unnecessarily. Your optimizer or the client must understand that good article directories, of course Ezine is one, and even the search engines neglect an article if it is stuffed with keywords! Only a density of 1% is enough.

The next very step is to make the placement of keywords properly. Never ever assume that you can use keywords at any place of the writing and maintaining a density of 1% is going to do everything for you! Here the question is not only to satisfy the hunger of a human visitor, you have to understand the indexing style of the search spider. It ever prefers the keywords at the beginning of the writer, if not in the first line, then in between first 20 to 50 words for sure. You can get a guide about Google's indexing process, if you can have a look at the Google webmaster tool or read Google's webmaster's central blog articles.

Another great point to keep in mind is keeping the attraction of the writing intact. From the first line, you should never look artificial. Your reader has to feel that you are just having a conversation with him or her. You do not have any intention of sell or provide service or trying to attract attention to a particular thing. You have to just exemplify your primary goal of driving reader to your particular purpose. Preaching, or teaching is a bad idea until you have a similar topic of educating your reader. Always share thought through your words and that kind of approach would keep the readers engaged. You have to spread the information throughout the article and sometimes a few bold words in the forms of keywords would not disturb the reader. Make sure that your reader is going to read each line to get the exact idea from the whole article.

There are so many pundits to give you hundreds of tips, I never like to count myself in their group. I feel. I must help a writer to get a rough idea on writing optimized articles for search engines. If you still feel, you need to know something more from me about SEO writing or want to share your ideas with me, drop a comment in the comment box. I would like to know better things fast and in complete comprehension. The moment you have confidence and can follow simple steps with few noted above, you would win and become a successful writer.

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