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Website designing does not just contain artistic designs which please the visitors eyes and keep them awesome by the creative designs. A website should have certain basic standards that not only help the visitors but also the webmasters. The following list will help you understand what should be kept in mind while designing a user friendly website.

  1. Design It For Beginners:

    • A website is visited by all sorts of visitors.
    • So design a website keeping in mind everyone and their ways of using a website.
    • If you design your website for novice internet users, they are quite aware of how to browse through a website so you may restrict your user count to just a handful of people.
    • But, if you design your website in such a way that even the beginners can benefit from it then your website traffic can include both beginners and novice users.

  2. Clear Reading:

    • The website should have a very attractive look, but at the same time, it should not prick your eyes if you look at it for a very long time.
    • The background colors should be wisely chosen (avoid using very bright fluorescent colors).
    • Match your background & font colors systematically.
    • Use clearly readable font types and sizes. The font type should also gel with the theme of your website.
    • In short the look should be pleasant but not dull.
    • The vibrancy in a website look is appreciated only if it is not disturbing enough to divert your focus away from its contents.

  3. Follow Uniform Format:

    • Follow uniformity through your website.
    • If your website displays its headings in font size 13 then use that font size for all the headings in a website.
    • Use the same font size or color for all your text content on your website, then stick to the same method through the website.

  4. Loads Quickly:

    • People on an average spend only 10 seconds per webpage. So if a website takes too long to load its contents completely, then you may run a risk of losing visitors.
    • Your website is not the only website on internet to give information about a particular thing and you will definitely agree with this fact after running a search for a thing in a search engine and come across millions of websites with similar contents.
    • So avoid too much graphic contents on every webpage which takes a long time to load.
    • To avoid a visitor's annoyance, restrict the size of a webpage to 40-60K.

  5. Easy To Navigate:

    • Moving from one page to another should be easy in a website.
    • The links like "HOME", "Contact Us", "About Us", "Sign Up", "Sign In", "Account Information" etc. should be present in every webpage of a website.
    • If you expect that everyone is going to use the back button on their browser to return to the previous page then you might be wrong, not all might be aware of the button's use and in some websites the programs in it disable the use of back buttons which may annoy the users as much as a pop-up window. So avoid such things.

    Labeling of Hyperlinks:

    • Always keep in mind that hyperlinks should be appropriately labeled.
    • The visitor should know that by clicking over it should lead to a webpage that he wanted to go.
    • If a content of a website has hyperlinked images then label the image saying that clicking over it might do so and so thing as not all of the website visitors may be aware of the hyperlinked images

  6. Get Your Own Domain Name:

    • Your website name should be quite easy to remember, so accordingly choose your own domain name.
    • There are various websites which provide free website services where the name of your website becomes [] Now the domain name will not have as much as recall value as a website with the name http : // .
    • For more tips and advice for domain name registering click here.

  7. Use "Click here" signs more than underlined hyperlinks:

    • "Click here" sign enables the visitors to understand that the text is hyperlinked and clickable
    • A new visitor may not understand that a particular underlined text is hyperlinked and clickable.
    • Make the hyperlinks as clear as possible to your visitors.

  8. Add "Contact Us" link on each webpage:

    • The "Contact Us" information should be very conspicuous and easy to reach out for.
    • It should be present on every webpage.
    • This assures the visitors that the website is transparent and trustworthy and its owner could be contacted whenever required.

  9. Do Not Make Every Keyword Bold: Whenever you want to attract a visitor's attention to a particular word, make it bold or change it font size or font type or font color but then the frequency of this technique should be limited and care should be taken that you do not make most of the words in your text content bold and cause the visitor to overlook the actual important words. Sometimes too many intermittent bold words may also annoy the visitors.

  10. Big websites should have a search feature: If you own a very big website, then you definitely need to install a search feature in it, as you would not like your visitors to try for a small piece of information on your website which they could easily locate by a search engine feature embedded in your website.

  11. Website should be useful for visitors:

    • A website should be designed in such a way that it benefits the visitors.
    • If possible provisions should be made on your website to write reviews about your website and this could enable you to understand where your fault lies, what the user wants and what you could provide.
    • At least gather reviews from trustedworthy friends about your website and ask them to suggest improvements.
    • All this will lead to a user friendly website highly beneficial to the visitors.

  12. Good Grammar Usage: Try using good grammar in your text content wherever possible. This will definitely leave a good impression on the visitors, but, keep in mind not to be too verbose or else you might just scare away your visitors.

  13. Point wise representation:

    • Point wise representation of views is preferred to paragraph representation. It makes your points clearly understood and readers do not find it too lengthy, time consuming or boring.
    • But, if content claims paragraph representation then go for it.
    • Also do not crowd your contents with too much bullets and numberings and make it difficult to understand what you wanted to say.

  14. No crowding of ads on a webpage:

    • Placing ads wisely is definitely important, but that does not mean you crowed your webpage with too many ads from all the possible internet advertising companies.
    • These ads might then start overshadowing your contents and ultimately decrease the importance of your website.
    • So wisely place limited handpicked ads which will ensure you maximum revenue.

With the application of the above information, a website will not only be a creative piece of work but also a useful internet tool.

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