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It’s never too late to get started on your New Year’s resolutions, start a new workout regime, or improve your diet. The only issue is that it’s never easy to stick to these new habits.

This is where a planner comes to help. With a proper weekly or monthly planner you can plan out your meals or workout process, allowing you to follow a schedule and stick with it.

We’re not talking about those digital planner apps or note-taking apps. For this process, you need to go old-school with pen and paper. Studies show that when you take notes by hand you tend to comprehend and remember things better.

So grab a meal planner template or a workout planner template from our collection below, print it out, and start planning your schedule.

If you’re looking for a planner template for a different purpose, you’ll find many multipurpose planners on the list as well. Have a look.

Wellness Workbook Planner Template

Managing your health and wellness is more than just about planning meals and workouts. If you’re serious about taking care of your mind and body, there are a lot more things to include in a planner. Like tracking your sleep, anxiety, skincare, and even add self-care challenges. This bundle includes a template for all those things and more. There are more than 20 templates in this bundle.

Meal & Grocery Workbook Planner Template

Creating an effective meal plan involves organizing many different aspects like planning groceries, recipes, protein sources, and more. If you like to plan all those things in a single workbook, this planner template kit is for you. It includes many different templates for managing your daily, weekly, and monthly meals alongside various other planner templates.

Multipurpose Daily Planner Template

Whether you want to create a meal plan, workout plan, or even making a planner for a personal project, this template can handle them all. It comes with a multipurpose design, allowing you to use it for various purposes. There are both weekly and monthly planner templates in this bundle along with templates for to-do lists, activities, and more.

21 Macro Meal Planner Templates

Macro meal planning is a lot more sophisticated than regular diet plans. With the help of this template kit, you’ll be able to get all the details in the right order for your macro meal plan. There are 21 different templates in this bundle, including ones for daily, weekly, and monthly meal planning. As well as for tracking your weekly and monthly goals, managing recipes, and much more.

Fitness Planners & Tracker Templates

If you’re going to take on a challenge to lose or gain weight, do it right with this fitness planner bundle. This templates bundle features workout planners with trackers, fitness goals, diet journals, 30-day challenge templates, and more. It’s also a great template for fitness coaching and training programs. The templates are available in AI and EPS formats.

Free Colorful Meal Planner Printable Template

If you’re low on budget, you can download this free template to create a basic meal planner. Even though it’s free, this template comes with a colorful design and in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

Free Goal Tracker Printable Template

Another beautiful and free template you can use to put together a simple goal tracking planner for your fitness and diet goals. This template is available in PSD and PDF formats.

Diet & Meal Planner Templates

If you’re looking for a meal planner with a cute design, this template is for you. Having a diet or meal planner with a beautiful design like this one will also motivate you to open the planner more often. It even includes cover page layouts for you to create a workbook-like planner. In addition, there are 20 different planner templates in InDesign and PDF file formats.

Weekly & Monthly Planner Templates Bundle

Another big bundle of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planner templates you can use for all kinds of purposes. This bundle comes with 27 different templates for meal planning, fitness planning, goal setting, budget planning, and everything in between. The templates are available in AI and EPS file formats.

Wellness & Fitness Planner Templates

The main goal of making daily and weekly planners are all about creating new habits and routines to improve your productivity, health, and wellness. This is a collection of planner templates you can use for all those tasks. It includes 6 templates for wellness and routine planning. You can download them as PDF and JPG. Or get the vector EPS format to customize the layouts.

Meal & Workout Planner Templates Kit

Looking for single-sheet planners? Then you’re in the right place. This collection features 6 planner templates made for different purposes. There are single sheet templates for meal planning, fitness, budget planning, and more. They are perfect for printing out planners that you can stick to a wall or even your fridge.

Multipurpose Planner & Journal Templates

Coaching and training programs also use planners to encourage their clients to stay on track with the programs. This is a template you can use for such programs. It features a very elegant and sophisticated design with many different types of planners, to-do lists, trackers, and other templates. The template is available in Adobe InDesign format. It’s fully customizable as well.

Free Colorful Daily Planner Printable Template

This daily planner is a great choice for making simple planners for various projects. You can download it in PDF format for free and print it out. The template also comes in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Free Printable Fitness Tracker Template

Another great fitness tracker template kit featuring multiple planner templates. This template kit includes several page templates you can use to create a complete fitness planner. And it’s free to download.

Multipurpose Daily Planner for Word

Want a daily planner with a beautifully modern design filled with pastel colors? Then be sure to grab this template. It’s a beautiful template you can use to create daily, weekly, and monthly planners for various projects. The templates are available in PDF, Microsoft Word, and InDesign. So you can easily edit the designs to your preference as well.

Diet Planner Template for Word & InDesign

Planning your meals and diet doesn’t have to be a boring process. With this template, you can give your planners a more energetic look and feel. The colorful design is not the only cool thing about this template. It also comes with 20 different templates for creating the perfect planner. You can edit them using Word or InDesign.

To-Do Lists & Planner Templates Bundle

You can create all kinds of daily, weekly, and monthly planners as well as to-do lists with the many templates in this bundle. There are 24 different templates in this pack. They are especially suitable for freelancers and small businesses, but you can use them to create meal, fitness, and teaching planners as well.

Lux - Yearly Planner Template for 2022

If you’re looking for a yearly planner to get a headstart on your goals for 2022, this template will come in handy. It features a simple and clean design with all the dates and weeks in a classic layout. It’s ideal for making planners for tracking goals. The template is available in AI, EPS, and PDF file formats.

Modern & Multipurpose Daily Planner Template

You can use this template to create a daily planner that’s not only effective but also looks cool. It comes with a set of modern and multipurpose templates for making daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners. It’s available in A4 size and in Word file format.

Daily Planner Creator Book Template

We love the minimalist design of this planner template. It’s designed to be used as a workbook for planning your meals, fitness, wellness, and other projects in one place. There are 15 different planner template pages with easily editable designs. You can change the colors, fonts, and more using MS Word or InDesign.

Free Floral Meal Planner Template

You can create a clean and simple meal planner to achieve your diet goals using this template. It’s available in print-ready PDF format. You can use either A4 or US Letter sizes as well.

Free Weekly and Monthly Planner Template

This colorful template is great for designing a simple monthly or weekly planner for various tasks. It’s free to download and the templates are available in PDF format. As well as in English and Portuguese languages.

Check out our InDesign book templates collection to find more inspiration.

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