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Space and nebula-themed backgrounds sit perfectly behind bold text and objects. These colorful space textures make your designs appear brighter than a single color background as well — they have a wonderful personality.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous space background for a web design project, or even just to use one as your desktop background, you can find many different types of space and nebula themed backgrounds and textures in this collection. It’s the perfect way to take your next graphic design project into another world!

40 Deep Space Backgrounds

This is a massive pack of 40 beautiful deep space backgrounds available in different textures, styles, and colors. You can use these with various projects, including web design, print design, posters, logotype mockups, and more. The JPGs are available in 3000 x 2000 resolution.

Realistic Nebula Backgrounds

This pack of space backgrounds includes a set of 5 realistic looking nebula backgrounds. The backgrounds have been designs to look as real as possible. You can create a great website background with these or even use the backgrounds to create cover images for your social media pages as well.

Minimal Space Backgrounds

This backgrounds pack includes 10 different space backgrounds that feature natural space-themed graphics that look as if they were real photos taken by the Hubble telescope. These are perfect for creating website headers, presentation slides, posters, wallpapers, and much more.

Colorful Space Nebula Backgrounds


The graphics in this bundle features space nebula backgrounds with a strong textured effect. Which are perfect for use with any music or art related design projects. Of course, they will look great with other designs as well. The pack includes 13 unique backgrounds in 6K resolution.

Crab Nebula Wallpaper

This gorgeous composition of the Crab nebula comes from the official images directory of NASA. The composition was created as seen by Herschel and Hubble telescopes. NASA images are released in public domain. Which means you can use this for free with personal or commercial projects.

Blue Space Backgrounds

When we think about space, the color blue is something that immediately pops into our minds. This pack features space nebula themed backgrounds that share that same beautiful blue color across its starry backgrounds. It includes 10 different backgrounds that are perfect for different types of digital and print designs.

Textured Nebula Backgrounds

Another pack of nebula backgrounds with a textured effect. The slightly glowing textured effect used in these backgrounds may not fit in with most types of websites but it will help you state a powerful message in a bold way. It comes with 7 different backgrounds in 6K resolution.

Deep Space Nebula Backgrounds

This bundle includes 10 stylish space backgrounds. The backgrounds also use a unique color overlay effects that help you highlight the content of your design. They are perfect for using as website backgrounds or website headers.

20 Free Space Backgrounds

A pack of 20 free space backgrounds you can use with non-commercial projects. However, you will have to credit its author. The artist also has several other space backgrounds in the artist’s DeviantArt gallery.

Space Backgrounds Volume 9

The backgrounds in this pack feature a colorful artistic effect that makes them stand out from the crowd. You can use these backgrounds with many types of designs, including creating effects for texts and logos. The pack includes 10 backgrounds.

Watercolor Space Backgrounds

Watercolor paintings mixed with space backgrounds. An odd mix of design that makes a stunning outcome. As you can see the result is simply amazing. This pack comes with 10 space backgrounds mixed with watercolor paintings. The will add an eye-catching effect to any of your designs projects.

Abstract Sandstorm Nebula Backgrounds

Another set of unique backgrounds. This pack includes 10 nebula backgrounds that have been designed mixed with an effect to look like sandstorms. They will definitely make your print and digital designs pop.

Blue Space Texture

A bright and a beautiful space inspired texture that has been used by many people to design book covers, DVD covers, and many types of other artworks and design. You can download it for free.

Blurred Space Backgrounds

The space backgrounds in bundle come with a smooth blurred effect that makes things easier for you to create eye-catching headlines and title pages. You can also use them for banner designs, posters, social media covers, and more.

Nebula – 30 Abstract Design Pack

This backgrounds pack includes a set of 30 unique space and sci-fi themed backgrounds that also feature an abstract design. You can use them as backgrounds for websites, apps, or even for creating attractive banner or billboard designs. They are available in 3000 x 2000 resolution.

Deep Space Backgrounds Vol. 2

The deep space is a dark place. But, it’s also beautiful. These backgrounds perfectly capture that beauty to be used in your various designs. This pack includes 12 backgrounds in different colors.

Helix Nebula As Seen By Spitzer

Yet another gorgeous image from the NASA images collection. This is an infrared picture of the Helix Nebula taken by NASA’s Spitzer space telescope. It doesn’t get any real than this. You can use this free of charge.

Space X Textures

This collection is a little out of the ordinary. This bundle includes 25 unique abstract graphics inspired by space. You can use them to create your own background textures or design covers and posters. The images are available in 4K resolution.

Space Starscape Backgrounds

The backgrounds in this pack also use a slightly blurred effect to add a beautiful look to the starry space backgrounds. The pack includes 6 different backgrounds which are suitable to be used with different types of design projects. The backgrounds are available in 3000 X 2000 resolution.

Space Magic Backgrounds

A collection of space backgrounds mixed with a sparkling particle effect. These look perfect for using as backgrounds for luxury or feminine design projects. The pack includes 10 hand-made backgrounds.

Colorful Galaxy Background

This is a free background image released under public domain license. The image shows a look at a galaxy far far away in a starry night sky.

Space Triangles Backgrounds

Space triangles. That pretty much sums it all up. These space backgrounds use a sort of triangular overlay that makes the backgrounds oddly unique. They will definitely be a great choice for websites, apps, or presentation backgrounds.

Epic Star Backgrounds

Massive and bright stars take the main spotlight in these backgrounds. This pack features 5 unique backgrounds featuring bright and attractive stars. The images are available in 3000 x 2000 resolution.

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