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Whether you want to show off customer testimonials, your latest blog posts, your best images, or other media on your website, there is a WordPress slider plugin or WordPress carousel slider plugin out there that’s right for you.

Add interactive and stylish sliders and carousels to your WordPress website to show off your website’s content in an attractive way.

Slider Revolution
Slider Revolution is one of the many fully customizable WordPress slider & carousel plugins on CodeCanyon and Envato Elements.

Here, we went over few premium options available at CodeCanyon and Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is a service that provides an unlimited download subscription, meaning that you are free to download as many items as you like from millions of digital assets. This includes premium WordPress themes and plugins, stock photography, royalty-free audio, stock video, and graphics.

Unlimited downloads of 54+ million creative assets. From just €14.50/month.

On the other hand, CodeCanyon is a platform with an extensive library of the best slider and carousel WordPress plugins ever created. With a cheap one-time payment, you can purchase one of these high-quality WordPress plugins and draw in more traffic to your website.

Best Selling Carousel  Slider WordPress Plugins On CodeCanyon
Best-selling slider and carousel plugins available on CodeCanyon

By taking advantage of the premium plugins available on Envato Elements and CodeCanyon, you will have access to slider and carousel features such as:

  • ready-to-go templates
  • responsive designs
  • drag-and-drop editors
  • eye-catching animations

More over, this post shared a couple of free options. Without a doubt, paid slider and carousel WordPress plugins will offer you the most comprehensive set of tools. But, if you don’t currently have the budget for them, those free options will do.

To help you make the most visually appealing carousels for your website, we’ll now go over the top 3 design trends for WordPress slider and carousel plugins. 

1. Keep It Minimal

Sometimes the best designs are the simplest ones. A great slider and carousel can be just the images laid out on a grid with no space between them. This makes your page media-rich and helps it look clean and modern. 

Ultra Portfolio - WordPress
This minimal design was created with Ultra Portfolio, a premium image carousel WordPress plugin.

Merry-go-round carousels are a great way to add interest to your website. They add that three-dimensional look to your pages and let your audience see parts of other media that they can scroll through. This type of carousel works best at the top of webpages.

Ultimate 3d carousel
Ultimate 3D Carousel uses merry-go-round carousels.

3. Use Carousels Within Grids

A great way to add more images, videos, and audio to your website without making it cluttered is to add carousels within your grid items. This works best for stores. By adding a carousel to your grid items, you can display more media to your audience and keep them on the page longer. 

carousel in grid cards
Responsive Bootstrap Carousel uses carousels within their grid cards.

Let’s now have a look at how you can get the most out of your WordPress slider and carousel plugins. 

While the premium WordPress Slider & Carousel available on CodeCanyon have all you need to create a professional-looking display for your media, there are a few tips that you will want to consider to ensure you are getting the most out of these valuable plugins.

1. Placement Is Key

In most cases, you will want to display your slider or carousel at the top of your webpage. One of the goals of these sliders and carousels is to draw the attention of your audience, and having them anywhere but the top of the page will make them seem less important.

2. Optimise for Mobile

Much of today’s website browsing is done on mobile phones. All the premium plugins have responsive designs that can be adjusted to look great on mobile devices. Make sure you spend the time adjusting these mobile view settings to give viewers the best experience possible. In addition to optimising your slider for mobile devices, make sure to optimise it for multiple screen sizes as well.

3. Use High-Quality Images and Videos

No matter how visually appealing your slider and carousel is, if the actual images and videos aren’t of high quality, you will stand little chance of gaining the attention of your website visitors. Make sure you use the highest-quality for your video and WordPress picture carousel.

Discover More Awesome WordPress Plugins

After our selection of the best slider and carousel plugins for WordPress, let me share some more useful plugins for your WordPress website:

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We know WordPress can seem intimidating if you’re just starting to use this awesome platform. But don’t worry—here are some resources that might help you with your WordPress website.

Additionally, you can check out our fantastic course: A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress.

If you’re looking to create a more visually appealing website that highlights your website’s media, then purchase a premium WordPress slider and carousel plugin from CodeCanyon and Envato Elements. These feature-rich plugins allow you to integrate an eye-catching display for your media that can be easily customised to fit your website’s theme.

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