3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign!

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign!

We're all trying to improve our ROI on our Google AdWords campaigns so we get the most for our money. Let's get straight into how we can improve your Google AdWords Campaigns below!

Method 1 – Improve your keywords!

A lot of people often think that they need to target as many keywords as possible to do with the product or service they're offering. They think "the more people clicking my ads and viewing my product pages, the more money I'll make". This could not be further from reality! Just because your ads are appearing tens of thousand times a day and getting hundreds of clicks does not mean they're the 'right' people wanting to buy your products and services!

You need to target keywords that are buying keywords and not browsing keywords! Buying keywords are phrases that end in "review," "prices" or phrases that start with "buy." For example, "flat screen TV" would be a keyword while "flat screen H77 prices" are people who are looking to BUY the product!

So remember, research what are BUYING keywords and not BROWSING keywords. It's all about your ROI not impressions and clicks!

Method 2 – Improve your landing pages!

You're using targeted landing pages, right? I sure hope so! Landing pages are the pages your users end up on once they've clicked your ads. You really should make a landing page for every Ad Group you create. This way if people are searching for "Growing Peas" and click your ad titled "Growing Peas the Easy Way" your landing page should be all about growing peas! A well constructed and targeted landing page will dramatically improve your Quality Score (QS) and in turn reduce your CPC rate. Oh yes, and greatly improve your profit!

Method 3 – Write ads people want to click!

Countless times I've noticed ads that just bore me while I'm looking for something to buy. Entice the users is an absolute must for Google AdWords! If you're ads do not get clicks your Quality Score will decrease and in turn increase your CPC rate which is a very bad thing. Make ads that list benefits and unique selling points that set you apart from the competition. Your headline should contain the keyword you're targeting so Google makes this bold and your add copy should shout BENEFITS BENEFITS and yes, BENEFITS! Search for your products and see what your competition is doing. Make yours better!

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