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Facebook marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing that marketers and businesses are adopting these days – Due to the huge monetization potential within the social networking site itself.

With over 500 million active users (and counting) all around the world, and close to half a billion of the world's population logging on to Facebook every single day, you, as a marketer or business, have the chance to expose your business, products or service to tens of thousands (or sometimes sometimes millions) of people.

As much as Facebook presents a lucrative money-making opportunity to marketers and businesses, in order to be to reap maximum profits from your Facebook marketing campaigns, it is important that you do it right. Otherwise, all your efforts will come to nothing at the end of the day.

In this article, I am going to share with you 3 essential Facebook marketing strategies that, if you follow them closely, will allow you to get maximum results from your Facebook marketing efforts.

1. Provide Useful Information, Not Just Promotional Information

You must understand the fact that people are not going to buy from you when they first connect with you – Mainly because they do not know who you are, your expertise, and most importantly, whether your product and service recommendation can be trusted.

Here, it is important that you first concentrate on building rapport and trust with your prospective customers when you first connect with them by Facebook, before you try to market to them.

And the best way you can do to create rapport with them is to provide them with useful information, along with tips, in the niche topic that you are in. Also, from time to time, you want to extend your helping hand and offer help and assistance to them in whichever ways you possibly can.

Doing the above will definitely help develop the kind of rapport and trust with your prospective customers, and over time, they will deem that you are someone who knows about the niche, and they can listen to your advice, and product recommendations – That is when you should start marketing products and services to them.

2. Create Compelling Facebook Ads

The fastest way to generate cash from Facebook is to make use of Facebook ads, where you create ad campaigns to and sell products and services to your prospective customers (based on the demographics which you have targeted).

In order for you to be able to reap maximum profits from your ad campaign, you need to be mindful that your ad must be created in such a way that it will capture your targeted audiences' attention, and the ad text is so compelling (you can highlight one single big benefit of the product and service you are selling with the ad) such that it will be their loss if they do not click on it to find out what is it that you are offering.

With every Facebook ad, you are also allowed to insert an image to accompany your ad text. You are encouraged to put in an image that is related to your ad, as ads with images get more clicks compared to ads that do not.

3. Actively Participate On Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site, where people gather to connect with their friends and family members, along with connecting with like-minded individuals (those who have the same hobbies and interests).

Therefore, if you want to reap maximum results from your Facebook marketing efforts, it is crucial that you participate actively in the network.

When it comes to participating on the network – Whether it is commenting on your own wall, or in the various Facebook pages and groups that you create, or commenting on your prospect customers' wall, you need to be mindful of your professional image (as a marketer or as a business entity).

As such, you need to act professionally and post constructive posts and comments. Also, you should refrain from persistently selling in the network.

Try to, as much as possible, help your prospective customers with their problems (especially those in the niche that you are in) and over time, you will be able to build the kind of positive rapport and trust with the community and that is when , you can, from time to time (maybe once every week or two), recommend products or services that will help them with their problems.