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Social media marketing is now considered a "must have" for every small business owner. Each industry is different but most businesses will do well to have an active Facebook business page. This allows you access to the 1.5 billion users Facebook has worldwide. It allows you to be discovered by new customers, stay connected with your customers and even crowdsource your newest products or services.

Understanding the "why" is one thing, but many small business owners are overwhelmed by the "how". There are actually three different responsibilities you have once your Facebook business page is up and running: Get more likes, engage your followers and get those followers into your sales funnel. Let's look at each of these steps:

Get More Likes

If you do not have anyone following your Facebook page, no one will see what you post. You should always be ready to add more followers by inviting people to "Like" your page. You can do this passively by listing a link to your business page from your personal page, posting your personalized Facebook business page link to your email signature, your business cards and your stationary and by posting a Facebook like box onto your website and blog.

Engage Your Followers

Every follower you have has an average of 250 friends. Whenever they comment on, like, or share your post, they have friends that will see that activity. That is how your content can be re-shared and you can organically gain more likes. The more people that are engaged in your content, the more likely Facebook will show your content to your followers. So how do you engage your followers? Here are some tips for engaging content:

  • Use photos-photos are one of the most commonly shared content
  • Ask people an irresistible and easy to answer question, like "coffee or tea" – Stay away from open ended questions, people do not generally like to write a paragraph or book on your page.
  • Use controversial titles- post someone else's article with a controversial headline and ask if people agree or disagree. Be careful not to make a statement either way yourself.
  • Ask for the like, comment and share. Do not assume that people will do it.

You can find highly engaging content by looking at other business pages! If it was highly engaging on someone else's page, it will likely be engaging on your page. When they are shared directly from the page, you are helping the other page as well. So it is a win / win.

Get them into your sales funnel

Do not stop at getting them to like your page! The primary goal is to get them into your sales funnel. This is typically an email campaign, but can also be an sms (text messaging service). Sprinkle special offers that your followers can claim by entering their email or phone number. Make sure these offers are balanced in your status updates. I recommend it is 1 out of 7 posts.

Y our duties as a Facebook Business Page owner

Remember responsible Facebook business page ownership means that you will commit to three different tasks. Those tasks are get more likes, engage your fans, and move them into your sales funnel.

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