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Search Engine Optimization can be a long, complicated, and time-consuming process involving
technical reviews with website changes, research to find good keywords,and lots of link building efforts through your social networks and other promotional efforts.

If you have found a new keyword through online research or have simply added new content to your website, you can take a few immediate steps to win a initial ranking on Google.

So, if you want to target one keyword phrase and improve your ranking for a single keyword phrase, here are three immediate ways to improve search engine optimization rankings for a keyword phrase:

1. Find the right URL for your SEO keyword phrase targeting. Assuming you are going to drive most of your traffic from Google, let’s start by identifying the URL that Google currently thinks is the best match for your keyword target. You can do this by doing a search on Google while adding your target keyword phrase. (i.e. “link building”)

2. Now that you have a website URL that seems to be a good fit for your search engine optimization steps (or you can pick a better one if you don’t like what Google found), you can start by doing some SEO optimization on your Page Title for your selected keyword phrase.

We recommend that the target keyword phrase be placed at the beginning of the Page Title. Page Titles are often viewed as the #1 most important SEO factor in organic SEO rankings. If you aren’t familar with HTML, you can often just send a quick email to your webmaster as this is a 5 minute website change request.

3. Use Link Building to Promote the URL. Now that you have the URL Page Title optimized, you need to promote this URL using the keyword phrase in the anchor text of both internal and external links.

Find relevant places on your own website to place keyword optimized links as well as build links externally through your social network, online PR channel, and other link building strategies. If possible, place a link on your HOME page or a page that is part of the top level navition of the website.

The difficulty and competitiveness of the top rankings on Google will determine how much online promotion and link building is needed to win a Top 10 ranking.

By following these basic steps for SEO, you should see an ranking improvement if you monitor your SEO ranking before and after these 3 immediate steps to target a keyword phrase.

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