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There are three things to know before designing a website. Those elements include: designing a logo, choosing a color of your website, and your domain name.

Rule No. 1: Design a Logo

If you want to identify yourself from the other thousands of websites out there, you need to start with designing a logo. You can use it anywhere including websites, flyers, and other commercial uses to promote your business

Rule No. 2: Choose a color of your website

Every website has its own color theme. For instance, Target mainly uses red and white space on its website, Wal8Mart uses blue, and Carmax has yellow and dark blue. These represented colors make it easier for people / your customers to recognize each business. What is your choice of colors?

Rule No. 3: Your domain name

Many statistics show that when a domain name is related to what you are selling or providing, it tends to rank way better in various search engines and has a higher success rate! If you want to search for a domain name, go to for an instant result!

Once those decisions are made, you can start designing a website easily. Here are more tips for the designing process:

Do not use too many or large-size pictures on your website. Some people want to put as many pictures they can (pictures of products, services, office interior, personal photos etc). However, this will result in a long load time for the website and it will cause a dramatic traffic reduction.

Web Design

Web Design

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