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Even though Apple’s Keynote app gives you plenty of tools and options for creating beautiful presentations, it can be tricky to find the time to build a beautiful, custom design. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with this collection of the best Keynote templates!

With these templates, you don’t have to spend hours designing presentation slides. You can simply edit the slides that have already been crafted by professional designers, customize charts, change colors, and voila! You have your own beautiful, unique Keynote presentation.

We picked out a few of the most professional looking Keynote templates that’ll work perfectly for your next presentation!

Verzus Minimal Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

Yet another minimalist, and stylish, Keynote template that comes with over 200 unique slides divided into categories, more than 3,000 vector icons, mockups, and much more.

Ourea – Creative Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

A stunning Keynote template featuring over 75 unique slides and a set of 500 font icons. This template is ideal for designing presentations for creative agencies.

Good Pitch – Elegant Keynote Template

Good Pitch Elegant Keynote Template
  • Price: $17

If you’re designing a presentation with minimalist slides, this template will come in handy. The fully editable slides in this Keynote template feature a minimalist design with fewer colors and it comes with over 500 vector and font icons.

Eureka – Minimal Keynote Template

eureka 1
  • Price: $15

Eureka is a professionally designed Keynote template for creating modern presentations with a minimal design. It comes with more than 200 unique slides in both light and dark color themes.

Motagua – Multipurpose Keynote Template

motagua 1
  • Price: $15

This massive Keynote template comes with a total of over 25000 slides in 16 different color schemes. The template also includes a pack of 3000 vector icons, drag-and-drop editing, and a whole bunch of unique slides for presenting your business in different ways.

Vision Minimal Keynote Template

vision 1
  • Price: $16

The minimalist slides in this Keynote template also come with stunning animations. It includes more than 100 unique slides that are ideal for creating startups, products, and app presentations.

Voda – Creative Keynote Template

  • Price: $18

This template uses a darker theme and a unique design featuring the perfect colors for a marketing related presentation. The template includes 50 unique slides in 5 themes.

Marketofy – Ultimate Keynote Template

marketofy 1
  • Price: $15

Marketofy is the ideal Keynote template marketers can use to create marketing campaigns, promotions, and business projection presentations. This template includes 200 unique slides in 6 different color schemes.

Exalio – Keynote Template

exalio 1
  • Price: $17

This is a multi-purpose Keynote template that’s suitable for presentations related to both startups and corporate businesses. It comes with 135 unique slides featuring graphs, charts, infographics, and much more.

Business Proposal Keynote Template

business proposal
  • Price: $15

If you’re planning a presentation for a business proposal, this Keynote template will come in handy. The template comes with a total of 4000 slides in 10 different color schemes and in HD resolution.

Harmony – Multipurpose Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

Harmony is a Keynote template that features 200 unique slides with a modern and a clean design. The slides are also available in 20 different color schemes which also includes more than 3000 vector icons, charts, graphs, and much more.

MARK 04 – Keynote Template

mark 04
  • Price: $15

This template includes more than 260 unique slides in both dark and light color themes. The slides are also fully animated and come with drag-and-drop placeholders for easy editing.

The X-note Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

This modern Keynote template also features dark and light colored slides. It features more than 40 unique slides with animations and they are available in 4 different color themes.

Ever – Multipurpose Keynote Template

  • Price: $20

Ever is a Keynote template that’s been designed specifically for professionals. It features highly optimized slides for crafting effective presentations. The template also comes with a total of 16,000 slides with unlimited color options.

Company Profile Keynote Template

company profile
  • Price: $15

This Keynote template is perfect for creating a presentation that showcases startups, agencies, and businesses. It includes a total of 2600 slides and comes in 10 different color schemes.

Business Development Keynote Template

business development
  • Price: $15

This template includes more than 4200 slides for creating presentations that highlight growth and projections. The slides in this template also feature graphs, infographics, charts, and much more as well.

Republic – Multipurpose Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

With more than 1500 slides in 7 different color schemes and featuring infographics, charts, and infographics, this Keynote template will allow you to create almost any type of business presentation with ease.

Concept Keynote Template

  • Price: $20

The ideal Keynote template for pitching or presenting your business ideas and concepts. This template comes with over 150 unique slides (total 15,000 slides) in various colors and themes.

Keynote Template Professional Pack

Keynote Template Professional Pack
  • Price: $20

We’ll start the list with a massive pack of Keynote templates that includes 650 unique slides in 20 different categories and styles and 10 color themes that are suitable for various types of presentations.

Business Growth Keynote Template

business growth 1
  • Price: $15

With 200 beautiful slides in 8 different themes (total 1500 slides) this Keynote template is just what you need for crafting a great presentation for your business growth and projection meetings.

Geometric Keynote Template

  • Price: $12

The unique design approach used in this Keynote template will set your business presentations apart from the rest. It includes over 50 slides, in both light and animated versions.

Vinapo – Multipurpose Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

This is a multipurpose Keynote template that you can use with both business and personal needs. It comes with over 200 unique slides in 24 themes and in 4 aspect ratios.

Start up Best Keynote template

startup best
  • Price: $15

This template comes with over 600 slides in light and dark themes, along with 500 vector line icons, vector maps, and more. Best for pitching startups and agencies.

Bunggi – Multipurpose Keynote Template

Bunggi Multipurpose Keynote Template
  • Price: $15

A colorful and a beautiful Keynote template that effectively use photography and icons to instantly grab anyone attention. The template includes 50 slides with charts and a world map.

Deluxe Digital Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

With 171 unique slides, 850 vector icons, and fully editable vector maps and infographics, this Keynote template provides you with all the necessary tools for crafting great slides for your next business presentation.

Beat Keynote Template Bundle

Beat Keynote Template Bundle
  • Price: $17

This is a bundle of Keynote templates that includes two templates, one with a B&W minimalist design and another with a colorful design. Includes 200 unique slides in 20 color schemes (8000 slides in total).

Triangle – Clean trend Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

The unique use of the triangle shape is an interesting feature that makes this Keynote template more suitable for creative agencies. It comes with 60 unique slides.

Corporate Business Keynote Template

Corporate Business Keynote Template
  • Price: $15

A Keynote template specifically designed for presentations that target corporate businesses. However, it can also be used for many other types of presentations as well.

Dart – Creative Multipurpose Keynote Template

  • Price: $16

A creative Keynote template with an odd, yet a remarkably unique design that is guaranteed to catch anyone’s attention. It’s ideal for designing a presentation related to fashion.

BizPlan Keynote template

BizPlan Keynote template
  • Price: $15

This template is mostly suitable for presenting your business plans and projections. It comes with over 130 unique slides, 500 icons, photos, and much more.

Startup Company Pitch Deck Keynote Template

startup company deck
  • Price: $15

The 70 unique slides and 2500 vectors icons in this Keynote template will come in handy when designing a presentation to pitch your startup to investors.

Monterat Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

A professionally designed Keynote template with charts, infographics, mockups, and much more. It includes over 160 slides.

Sketch Keynote Template

sketch 1
  • Price: $15

Sketch is a unique Keynote template that features a design that makes its slides look like they were hand-drawn. It includes charts, growth maps, and much more.

Forest – Multipurpose Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

This template comes with 233 unique slides in 24 themes with resizable vector graphics and 3000 vector icons.

Se7en Keynote Template

  • Price: $20

Se7en is a minimalist Keynote template designed for creative agencies and startups. The template includes 100 unique slides featuring a variety of designs and elements such as maps, graphs, portfolios, and much more. There are more than 230 slides in total.

Best Proposal Keynote Template

best proposal keynote
  • Price: $15

The humorous illustrations featured in the slides is what makes this Keynote template so special. It’ll help you deliver your message in a fun way during your presentations.

Stampede – Multipurpose Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

This massive template comes with over 7500 slides, including 370 unique slides in 10 color themes and over 3000 vector icons.

Fox – Ultimate Keynote Template

fox keynote
  • Price: $15

A clean and minimal Keynote template that features 400 unique animated slides, over 2500 vector icons, editable vector graphics, and much more.

Max Creative Keynote Template

max creative
  • Price: $15

This modern and clean Keynote template uses only a few colors throughout its design. It’s perfect for a creative business or an agency.

Marketing Kit – Keynote Template

marketing kit
  • Price: $15

A Keynote template specially designed for marketing related presentations. This template comes with 174 professionally designed slides.

Boost Business Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

With a total of 900 slides in 5 color themes, including light and dark themes, this Keynote template comes with lots of graphics, charts, and infographics as well.

Revisual Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

A professionally designed Keynote template with modern and stylish slides. This template comes with over 200 animated slides.

Lynx Keynote Template

  • Price: $18

This template is more suitable for HOME interior, furniture, and design related businesses. It comes with 100 unique slides with lots of photos and vector icons.

Gamuda – Keynote Template

  • Price: $15

Yet another attractive Keynote template with stylish illustrations that will make your entire presentation look more enjoyable. The template includes over 130 slides with beautiful graphics and illustrations.

Epic Keynote Template Bundle

Epic Keynote Template Bundle
  • Price: $17

This is a very professional Keynote template that’s suitable for a fashion or luxury brand business. The bundle includes two templates, one with a benchmarking theme and another for big data presentations.

CupCake Keynote Template

CupCake Keynote Template
  • Price: $15

There are a lot of cupcakes in this template. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean this Keynote template is only suitable for a cupcake business. Replace the photos with your own photos and the template is yours. Although, it’s mostly suitable for a food related business.

All of these Keynote templates are super-easy to edit. You can edit the designs, drag around to rearrange objects, change colors, and do a whole lot more to design your own unique Keynote presentations.

Did you know that you can also export your Keynote presentations as Full HD Quicktime videos? Just go to File > Export To > and select QuickTime to save your entire presentation as a video. Or Play your presentation and press Record to record your presentation with a voiceover into a video file that you can play to an audience.