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Whether you’re working on a product packaging design, a greeting card, or even a website background, incorporating one of these line patterns and textures can help you achieve a pro result.

No need to spend hours of your valuable time searching for beautiful line patterns. We scoured the web to find the best line patterns and textures to help you get a headstart with your design process.

This collection includes both free patterns and premium items from Envato Elements (where you get unlimited downloads for a single price). Have a look and see if you can find a pattern suitable for your project.

Hand Illustrated Line Patterns

This is a pack of unique hand-drawn patterns that are suitable for many types of design work from creating book covers to product packaging designs and more. They will go along great with kids related products as well. The pack includes 3 different patterns, each with 2 variations.

Bold Patterns

This bundle comes with 20 seamless patterns with bold designs. There are several different line-based patterns included in this pack. The graphics are also available in AI, PSD, and PNG file formats.

Parallel Diagonal Color Lines Pattern

A colorful and high-quality pattern featuring a parallel line design, perfect for crafting backgrounds and greeting cards. This pattern is free to download and use with attribution.

Hand-Drawn Lines Patterns

A bundle full of stylish line patterns you can use with your various design projects. This pack comes with 40 different line patterns in EPS, AI, and PNG files formats. As shown in the promo image, these patterns will add more style to many kinds of products and designs.

Abstract Flat Line Shapes Backgrounds

If you’re looking for a background with a line pattern for your website or print design, this bundle has plenty of options for you. This pack includes 10 unique line pattern backgrounds in JPG format. The images are available in 5000 x 3333 resolution.

Minimal Pattern With Curvy Lines

This minimalist pattern features stylish curvy lines that will give your designs a bold and a modern look. You can use it to create website backgrounds, product packaging, and more. It’s free to download.

MALINA – 20 Seamless Patterns

Another set of high-quality hand-drawn patterns collection. These line patterns come in various styles and designs. The pack includes 20 unique patterns you can use with your design projects. They will especially look great with feminine designs.

Flat Irregular Rounded Lines Backgrounds

Another bundle of line pattern backgrounds. This pack features 10 beautiful backgrounds with rounded line patterns. You can use them as website backgrounds, blog headers, and many other design projects.

Monochromatic Lines And Dots Vector Pattern

If you’re working on a design that uses a dark color scheme, you can use these monochrome line patterns to create a unique background for your project. It includes 6 free monochrome patterns featuring lines, circles, dots, and more.

100 Line Patterns

This massive bundle of line patterns comes with 100 seamless patterns you can use for different types of designs. It includes many different styles of line patterns for crafting greeting cards, book covers, website backgrounds, product labels, and more.

Bold Patterns Volume II

This is the second edition of the bold patterns bundle. This pack also includes 20 unique seamless line patterns that feature several different unique designs. The patterns are also compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Yellow And White Stripes Pattern

A striped background will fit in with almost any type of a design. This free pattern can be used with various types of designs. If you have Illustrator, you can also edit the pattern to change its colors as well.

Simple Line Hand-Drawn Patterns

Another pack of hand drawn line patterns. This bundle comes with 40 unique patterns you can use with your package design, book covers, website backgrounds, and many other types of design work.

Geometric Minimal Patterns

A pack of 40 seamless line patterns featuring geometric shapes. In addition to line patterns, you’ll also find many other pattern styles in this pack, including circles, dots, crosses, and more. Surely you can use this pack with more than one design project.

Blue Line Pattern Set

This free patterns set includes 6 unique and colorful line patterns. These patterns are ideal for designing greeting cards and backgrounds. You can download them for free.

Black Ink Drawn Patterns

If you’re looking for a way to give your design project or your website a real natural hand-drawn look, this pattern will come in handy. This patterns pack includes 20 patterns that feature black ink drawn lines.

40 Line Geometric Patterns

Everything from designing fabrics to product labels and website backgrounds, this bundle of patterns can handle them all. This pack comes with 40 line-based geometric patterns that you can use with various types of design work.

Watercolor Abstract Summer Pattern

If you’re a fan of watercolor designs, you’re going to love this watercolor pattern. You can download and use it with your personal projects for free as long as you credit its author.

Geometric Hearts Seamless Patterns

Hearts not only come in different sizes but apparently they also come in different geometric shapes as well. This pack includes 10 line patterns that mimic the shape of a heart using geometric shapes. These patterns will definitely give your designs a unique look.

Layered Rounded Lines Backgrounds

A pack of unusual line patterns that are most suitable for using as your website or app background. The pack includes 10 pattern backgrounds that feature rounded lines in a layered design.

Colorful Line Art Pattern Set

This set of colorful line patterns include 6 different and stylish designs. The different styles of lines and shape patterns will give you plenty of choices to find the right pattern for your design.

Wavy Lines Tileable Backgrounds

Line textures come in different shapes. This pack includes line background textures in beautiful wavy forms. The textures in this pack are available in tiles. Which means you can use them to create seamless tileable backgrounds. The pack includes 5 patterns in 9 different color variations.

12 Seamless Textured Patterns

A pack of 12 textured line patterns you can use to create your own unique backgrounds for websites, product labels, greeting cards, book covers, and more. The pack includes patterns in both Black and Subtle White variations. The files are available in EPS, AI, PNG, and PSD, file formats.

Abstract Line Pattern With Stars

This free line pattern has a certain elegance to it. It features a star shape that’s quite mesmerizing to stare at. You can use it to create backgrounds for greeting cards, websites, and more.

Lines Work Patterns

A set of colorful and playful line patterns to use with your various design projects. The pack comes with 3 different pattern styles. They will fit in well with your kid’s related projects such as book covers and product packaging designs.

Abstract Flat Linear Waves Backgrounds

This is a pack of 10 stunning backgrounds that feature wavy line designs. You can use these backgrounds to add more style to your website backgrounds or even social media accounts.

Seamless Patterns Of Grey And Black Lines

This pattern is perfect for crafting a minimalist background for a website or an app. It features a seamless design with grey and black lines. You can download it for free.

Binary Patterns

If you’re working on a tech-related design project, this binary line patterns pack will prove useful. This pack includes 25 pattern designs featuring line-based binary style designs. You can use these to craft backgrounds, greeting cards, and presentation slides as well.

100 Tiles Patterns

This is a pack of vector-based Adobe Illustrator swatch patterns that you can use to create seamless backgrounds for various projects. It includes 100 different line patterns and comes in Photoshop format, EPS, and PNG formats as well.

Soft Lines Pattern

You can immediately see a product packaging or a greeting card design when you look at this pattern. This pattern is free to download. Use it to craft your own background design.

Striped Checkered Pattern

A set of basic line-based striped and checkered patterns. This set includes 3 different patterns you can use for free with your various design projects.

40 Photoshop Seamless Patterns

A set of 40 simple line patterns available as a Photoshop pattern file. You can download the pattern file for free and use its various line patterns to create your own backgrounds, frames, and more.

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