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4 Secret Ways of Using Facebook for Business

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There is no easy way to determine the correct Facebook marketing strategy. Here are some points that will help you out in figuring out a good marketing plan.

1. How many employees do you have?

Though there are pages and groups, and recently Facebook has also introduced a subscribe button, still nothing works like fan pages. Why fan pages are better than groups and subscribe buttons? Let’s see…

First, fan pages give a branded image. They have your company logo and you can use them creatively using the timeline feature. Also, you can join other pages and comment on them to increase the visibility of your page. And second, you are able to advertise a fan page. You can’t advertise a subscribe button.

2. Do you want to make a brand image?

If you want to create a brand image, you should open up a Subscribe button for your profile. This is a new feature of Facebook. This way, people will connect to you personally. Whatever updates you make on your profile will be visible to others. But keep in mind, that it will make your personal profile visible to people outside your friend’s list.

3. Are you a solopreneur?

If you are running your business alone, it might get more difficult to decide a Facebook strategy. Since posts from subscribe button show up more in news feeds, you might get more subscribers than fans. So should you leave out the fan page altogether? Not really. Fan pages have many advantages that the subscribe button does not provide, as already discussed.

4. Do you manage a group of people?

We have already discussed fan pages and subscribe buttons. Now let’s move on to groups. Groups are just perfect for businesses that form groups of some type. For example, a networking group, a group of schools, a social group, or a group that is focused on a specific niche.

Actually groups don’t work best in promotion of a company, but if your business is all about bringing people together, then a group would be perfect for you. However, if your business is not like a group, you shouldn’t use a Facebook group as your main marketing tool. Here is why:

Anyone can add people to a group. You might add some people who don’t wish to be added. And this can irritate people. They might want to opt out. If you are running a group, you don’t want to irritate people like that.

However, groups aren’t all bad. If your business is indeed about bringing people together, then a group can be a great addition. You can use groups to schedule events, communicate, and share documents etc.

By answering these four questions, you can have a clearer Facebook marketing strategy, and you can decide what works best for your company. And if you have any questions, contact us and we’ll help you out.