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HOMEschooling means more initiatives and responsibilities on the part of parents. Parents should have more and better information on HOMEschooling to provide their children with better education. From lesson plan to record keeping and general management of the overall HOMEschooling activities, there are many things to know and check.

The 4 websites below are the list that aims at giving useful information to parents for their HOMEschooling activities for their children.


The site ( presents itself as the # 1 HOMEschooling community. It has discussion forums, articles, and resource guide.

It offers HOMEschooling curriculum on various subjects. They are mainly link to other online sources. Resource guide has links or contents for topics ranging from adult learning, elementary school, middle school and high school. The site also has HOMEschooling articles covering useful information and links.

Overall, the site is a kind of portal website where you can find all sorts of information on HOMEschooling. The number of articles and links looks impressive with this site, but you could be somewhat confused about where to start reading the website. The best way to do this is to start reading articles in the left bar such as "New to HOMEschooling?" and other articles.

2. HOMEschool world

The site ( has a subtitle as "the official website of practical HOMEschooling magazine". The site has menus including HOMEschool mall, HOME life catalog, articles, HOMEschool organizations, HOMEschool experts, events, and forum.

The mall has links to curriculum, software, online education and other resources provided by other sellers. HOME life catalog has ebooks on various information not just for HOMEschooling education but also HOME management tips. The ebooks are not links but you can buy them on the website itself. Article section has many articles on HOMEschooling. What is not so good about the article section is that most of articles are written back in early 2000 or before that. This seems to show that the website is not updated very often. However, compared to articles, events and forum of the website contain recent information and discussion.

3. A to Z HOME's Cool HOMEschool Website

This site ( describes itself as "comprehensive HOMEschooling information, curricular resources, and HOMEschool communities." The website offers HOMEschool lesson ideas, educational websites, articles, HOMEschool software, books, curriculum and forum. What's special about the website is that all of its information is alphabetically indexed. You can click any letter of alphabet to find what you are looking for.

Compared to other websites above, this website's articles seem to be updated as often as possible. Although the layout is somewhat clustered, the website offers quite much information. The use of Google search engine for the entire website also makes it very useful as an information resource.

4. HOMEschool Central

The site ( has the subtitle of "all of the resources needed to HOMEschool your children." The site has HOMEschool resources such as curriculum, study resources, software, video resources and more. This site has a special feature that is not found in other websites. It has state HOMEschool support information which include links to HOMEschooling information of every state of the United States.

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