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5 Features of Top Restaurant Website Designs

Whether you are just starting a new restaurant or have been in the business for years, your restaurant needs a website. The internet has become far more successful and common than anyone thought it would be, and at this point if you do not have a website you may as well not even exist. It is that important of a marketing tool. By including these five features in your restaurant's website design you can make it the type of website that your customers will be happy to use. A sleek and feature filled website can convince potential diners that your restaurant is the one that they want to eat at.

Remember the Menu

There is very little downside to putting your restaurant's menu on the website. Customers absolutely love this feature. It lets them see what type of food your restaurant offers before the make the effort to drive all the way to your restaurant. This way you can help to ensure that you only get people who want to eat the food that you offer.

Contact Information

One of my pet peeves is restaurants that do not put their contact information on their website. Although a detailed and information filled website is helpful, sometimes it is easier to just call the restaurant and ask them a simple question. If the customer can not figure out your phone number soon after entering the website, they are much more likely to go off to a restaurant which makes it easier to answer their questions.

Job Information

Not everyone who visits your restaurants website is looking for food. Job seekers are using the internet more and more to find jobs and, in the case of large companies, apply for these jobs. If you're looking to hire a few people, consider putting this information on your website. You will likely get far more, as well as far more qualified, applicants for your position. It also saves your staff from being bombarded by phone calls asking about any available positions. Putting his information on your website for everyone to see is a win-win for everyone.

Reservation tool

One of the most important parts of a restaurant's business is the reservations. If a restaurant is full every day for weeks on end, you can be sure that it is a quality restaurant. Rather than trying to have a staff member manage all the reservations, you can use a computerized systems which will allow people to create their own reservations without trouble.


This one is quite simple. If I'm considering spending money at your restaurant, I may want o know what the restaurant looks like. Especially for high end restaurants, atmosphere means a great deal. Posting photos of your restaurant at its best will help your customers evaluate the atmosphere of the restaurant.

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