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Here are 5 Guiding Principles for Web Design of any website which are vital to making a site succeed. The usability/utility of each site is one of the most crucial factors that needs to be obtained in a website. When a site is not user-friendly, readers simply skip to the next site. Even if a site has information that is relevant to the search, if the site is not easy to use, the information becomes a waste since no one is reading this. So how does a site achieve the status of being user-friendly?

1. Simplicity is the Key

When a viewer clicks on a website, they should immediately know what to do. No website should ever be so difficult that it requires a viewer to think about what they need to do to navigate the site. When viewers have to think about what they are doing on this particular site, they are going to leave early and more than likely never return. After all, the Internet is a vast pool of information, so more than likely another site will have the same information.

2. Focus the Attention of the Visitor

A website that is designed to be rather busy or loud is going to be distracting. Chances are you have seen these types of sites that are so busy with graphics, words and color that it is hard to find just what you were looking for in the first place. Instead, a simple design that allows visitors to really see the website is the only route to go. A simple design is usually categorized as having complimentary colors, with only a few colors up to three utilized within the site, as well as having graphics that add to the appeal of the site rather than take away.

3. Utilize Writing Skills

There is no need to write a paragraph on a topic when a sentence or two will give the same meaning. Most websites are flawed in design when it comes to the writing present as there are too many words. Website visitors rarely read the entire section of text, they simply scan for keywords to decide whether they are interested or not. So save the time of your readers, get to the point and be precise about this.

4. Clear and Concise Steps

With any website, the easier the directions are on the site, the more users are going to enjoy this. For example, when asking users to register for email notifications or the like, having one-two-three steps to complete the process is easier than making a person figure this out on their own or register with a long form to get their email into the system.

5. Utilize “Visible Language”

This is referring to three basic components:

  • Utilize a font that is easy to see on-screen and is a font that is easy to read
  • Organize information in a clear way to alleviate frustration
  • Use the least amount of graphics/text to get the most results

These five guiding principles in web design will allow you to have a website that is going to be pleasing to the viewers eye. The more viewers who find your website pleasing, the better the chances your site has of becoming a higher ranking website.

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