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5 Reasons to Use Paid Search Engine Marketing

By Ashlee Finan, Sagefrog Marketing Group, LLC
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92% of people begin their search for new products and services on search engines such as Google, MSN andYahoo!¹. Surprisingly, many businesses fail to take advantage of paid search engine marketing as an easy and effective way to reach those users. According to a Microsoft adCenter survey, released in December of 2008, 59%of small businesses do not currently use paid search engine marketing; 90%of those companies have never attempted to use it.

Although businesses are hesitant to implement search engine marketing programs, 72% of companies reported an increase in sales inquiries from pay per click advertising. Respondents from the 2008 Sagefrog Marketing Mix Survey rated search engine marketing in the top eight ROI programs.

Here are 5 reasons to use paid search engine marketing:

User Driven – Internet users are proactively seeking products and services on the web – do they find your company? Search engine marketing is an easy and effective way to reach your customers at the time they are searching for your offerings.

Measurable – Paid search engine marketing enables you to directly correlate your cost per click to sales leads. Every click provides valuable answers to your performance questions. What keywords lead users to your website? What ads interest potential customers? How many visitors from those clicks become sales leads? Based in the results of your search engine marketing program, keywords and ad messaging can constantly be adjusted to maximize your ROI.

Cost Effective – You establish your pay per click budget and only pay for clicks made to your ads. For most programs there is no minimum budget and you can modify it at any time. In addition to managing your overall budget, individual keyword bids are set to ensure your ads will show for your most relevant keywords.

Messaging – Due to the measurable results of search engine marketing, keywords and ad messages can constantly be tested and improved. The most successful words and messages can be included in your other marketing tools and programs such as marketing materials, your website and direct marketing.

Results – 68% of small businesses consider their paid search marketing programs successful. In the competitive realm of search engine optimization and search engine marketing, pay per click advertising is a powerful way to get in front of customers seeking your products and services.

The search engine marketing professionals at Sagefrog Marketing Group, LLC can integrate a pay per click advertising campaign into your business’s marketing mix. Sagefrog is a full service marketing, interactive, and public relations marketing company. We specialize in health, technology and business services marketing for companies based in the greater Philadelphia and New Jersey area. Sagefrog’s services include marketing strategy and research, brand identity, marketing materials, websites, web marketing, public relations, advertising, tradeshow support, direct marketing and email marketing.

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