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5 Tips For A Great Website

What Does A Website Do

Before approaching a website designer, it is wise to consider the main aim of the website, why it is that you want it and what it is to achieve.

Most websites are commercial, they are there to produce money and act as a ‘shop window’ to attract new customers. However, many websites are non commercial, they are blogs, resource websites, council websites etc. so would not have the ‘selling’ angle.

Before approaching a website designer, it is wise to consider some of the following points before getting the planning in place. The reason is because website designers are there to produce a website, not necessarily work as a partner or to produce something ‘successful’ just build to spec. In the same way that a builder is commissioned to build a house, not a home, they are given a plan (from an architect) and asked to reproduce it as quickly as possible.

5 Considerations Before Approaching A Web Designer

There are 5 crucial points to consider before getting a website designer to start work.

  1. Find the right website designer – There are thousands of website designers around the UK and they are all different. Some specialise in certain types of website (such as static websites, online shops etc.) and some focus on themed websites (such as animated websites or resource websites). Picking the right website designer that is experienced in the ‘type’ of website you need is important for it to ‘look’ and ‘feel’ right.
  2. Have a look at similar websites to yours – Not all web sites should look the same, depending on the kind of website (the applications) they do need to conform to an ‘industry standard’ while looking fresh.
  3. Think about how many pages are needed – The more pages that are needed, the more expensive it will be. Planning the layout (roughly) will be helpful before approaching a designer so you know what is needed and keep costs to within a budget.
  4. Would you need to update the website – Some sites can be set up so that any tweaks and changes can be done by the website owner (rather than paying a designer to make changes); this is called a CMS system (content managed system). This is useful for updating pictures, prices, information, blogs etc.
  5. Consider how people will find you – What is the good in having a web site without people to know it is there. There are a few options for ensuring that people find the website.

For most people considering getting a website set up, cost is going to be a factor. All website designers are different and all set different rates and charges based on the kind of website that is needed (simple, large shop etc.), the amount of time needed in planning and designing the site, plus their experience.

Once the above points have been considered, the next step is choosing the right website designer. It is wise to shop around and compare a few different website designers; finding a good designer that can produce a great website for a reasonable price is not easy and may take time, but better to do this than pay over the odds.

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