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The Facebook business page has opened up unchartered opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers at a more personal level. Setting up a highly effective Facebook page can result in more leads and improve brand visibility drastically.

When a Facebook user lands on your page, you only have mere seconds to grab the attention of the user and explain to them about your brand and what you do. And the cover photo plays an integral part in it. In fact, in a survey conducted, 79% of businesses saw increased engagement after redesigning their cover. Cover photos are the primary visual space that attracts the audience and you need to understand how to leverage it.

Here are the five tips on how to create an awesome Facebook cover photo.

1. Get the size right

People view their Facebook page on their desktops, tablets and smartphones. So there is no clear-cut answer for it. But according to the Facebook Guidelines, it’s best to use at least 851×315 pixels. Use only high-resolution and clear images. Remember, you have only few seconds to attract your users so make the most of it.

2. All about your business

It is your business page and you have no restrictions on anything (now that Facebook has removed the 20% text only rule). So use it wisely. Use cover photos as a place to talk about who you are and what you do. This can include your products, services or any upcoming events. Try to stay true to your brand image and explain things in the clearest way possible. Short and informative content with relevant images is the right way to do it.

3. Be creative

As mentioned earlier, you only get mere seconds to capture the user’s attention and create intrigue. So go all out and get creative with your cover photos. Including humor and wit can help customers to connect through your brand and also help put a human face on your company. Another trending tactic is to use your profile picture and cover photo in a way that they complement each other. This will definitely create an interest among the users to stop and have a look at what you are trying to say. Plus, it is a great way to put a human face on the company and connect with the users.

4. Bring attention to the upcoming events

The first thing users see on a page is the cover photo. So use this space wisely and bring the most important events here. Whether it’s a sale, upcoming contests or any special social promotion, this is the best place to feature it. You can also highlight your milestones and achievements here. Another interesting way of making your page personal is by featuring your customers or users on the cover photo. For example: fan of the week, contest winners etc. You can also feature weekly or monthly cover photos on customer review or your fan work.

5. Strong call to action

You can link Facebook pages to any web pages with strong and effective calls to action. Strategically place your content and draw the users’ attention with CTA. Most people may not click on the call to action and rather click on the image itself. So, reinforce the message and the website URL in the image description as well. You can also take a direct approach and use arrows to straightly point towards the call to action button.

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