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Internet marketing is the best way to differentiate your brand as a hard- hitter in the cyber space. Here are 5 game changing internet marketing techniques that help you achieve your brand awareness goals:

1) Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is a cost effective way to make your brand visible to surfers who look for your products and services. The following tips will help you optimize your website and brand for better positioning:

  • Design and develop an easy to use website
  • Use optimized content with relevant keywords
  • set up an effective custom page not found error page
  • Make use of local SEO-integrate local keywords

Make use of Google analytics tool to evaluate the effectiveness of your search engine optimization strategies.

2) Pay Per Click Campaigns If you have a slightly higher budget, you can consider running pay per click campaigns in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo !. By taking advantage of the following tips you can create an effective pay per click campaign:

  • Campaign specific landing pages
  • Persuasive advertizing copy

Your landing page should have content that is relevant to the PPC. With strong call to actions and customer centric copy, you can increase conversions while positioning your brand as an expert in your business niche.

3) Social Media Marketing Like rumors, information also fly fast in social media and this is one platform that can be used to spread the word about your brand. Following these steps will help you building your brand and ultimately boost your business:

  • Write and post items of interest that go beyond your business in your business page
  • Continually publish meaningful content that adds value to the reader's experience
  • Identify and connect with influencers
  • Always give more than what you get

Social media marketing is not always about selling as much as it is about sharing, so do not always post sales deals. Do not be pushy, post sales deals once in a week or so and try to engage your prospect by delivering value.

4) Forum Marketing Forum marketing is a great way to create a viral buzz about your brand. To make the most of this easy to use and absolutely free internet marketing tool, you need to keep in mind the following points:

  • Join in forums that are relevant to your industry
  • Participate actively in conversations
  • Never spam the forum with your posts
  • Deliver value to the participants

5) Video Marketing Video marketing is another great internet marketing strategy. Create video advertising or tutorials and post them to multiple video portals and direct the audience to your website. Here are a few tips that help you create an effective video marketing strategy:

  • Add a catchy title to your video
  • Optimize your video
  • Add content that showcase your knowledge and expertise
  • Include call to action and your website URL in the video
  • Do not make direct sales pitches, offer your viewers something of value

In addition to these proven internet marketing techniques, you can try affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing and banner advertising to position your business as a reliable and trust worthy brand.

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