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Social media is one of the most dynamic tools for an author who is ready to increase their fan base and advertise their new and upcoming books. Social media is very simply a SOCIAL media which allows authors to interact with fans directly as opposed to going through a publicist. These tips will allow you to not only connect with your audience but they will help you bring in a new batch of fans that you may not have known exhausted! Want to know what fans really think of your new story line? Want to get a feel for how your last book was perceived? Want to discover possible new story lines? Here are a few ways you can find the answers to these questions by using social media tools:

  1. You Tube – This, or any video site, is a fantastic way to drum up interest in an upcoming book! Think outside of the box and use this tool to create a trailer for your book! Once created, the video can be embedded into your blog or website and help promote your box in a new and interesting way! Even if you do not have the finances for a professionally done trailer there are a multitude of local videographers who would love to work with you to help promote your book, you just need to look!
  2. Blog – This may be old news to many people but a blog is one of the most valuable things you can have when trying to promote yourself, as well as previously released and newly published books. The sky is the limit when it comes to deciding on a theme for a blog. You could choose a character from one of your books and write a blog through their eyes to drum up publicity for a new release or simply blog about how a new book is coming along while you write it!
  3. Twitter – This popular social media site can be an amazing tool or an amazing time waster depending on how you work with it. Like with the blog, set up a Twitter account for a fictional character from one of your books and post random musings and ideas from that character that relate to the book. There's no limit to what your character might say and this might be a great idea for discovering new book ideas, but that's another article. You can also use your Tweets as little teasers for an upcoming book. Post interesting quotes from the book each day or each week for a few weeks or months before the book is released. This way the reader is drawn in by the quote and by doing it on a regular basis you will create a following that will continue to come back on a regular basis!
  4. Facebook – Create a Facebook page (not a profile) for each book and include details on the book, reviews from critics and breaking news related to you or your book. Like Twitter, Facebook can be used to release interesting quotes from a book to create a following, but the advantage of using Facebook is the discussion option built into the pages. With discussions, you will receive questions and feedback from fans which will help you become involved with your readers as opposed to just writing updates. A fan page is also a great place to offer special advanced copies or advanced chapters of an upcoming book! I recommend using Scribd as a way to share these special offers because it has the option to secure the chapter or book from being downloaded, something that a simple PDF will not let you set up.
  5. Virtual Book Tour – Now to bring everything together! Set up a tour of podcasts, webcasts and internet radio shows in your creative arena and do a virtual book tour! This is a great low cost way to get publicity for a new book and also engage fans and readers in a completely new way. Advertise your appearances through the social media tools we have already discussed and offer records of the sessions as well!

I hope these simple tips have helped you see the value in using social media along with your own creative juices to bring in publicity and excitment for you new book!

Good luck!

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