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5 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Web designers mostly give great importance to design aesthetics of a website. No doubt visual appeal has a big role in web design, but often designers get so consumed in perfecting the imagery of a site that they make some mistakes that conflict with the goal of creating the website. Here are five general web designing mistake that you should avoid to design a great website:

Poor Website Navigation Flow

While designing the website layout, try to keep the navigation flow simple and easy for the users. Most of the times, in an attempt to create an alluring design, designers add complexities in the layout that make navigation difficult. Therefore, to avoid confusing the users, add a simple and easy to use navigation bar on your website layout to make it easy for users to navigate from one page to another.

Bad Typography

The fonts on your website must be readable for your targeted users. 95% of the web-design is made up of typography. If this goes wrong, your website is good for nothing. Carefully pick a readable font for the site, and choose the font size according to the needs f your target audience. For young users, a font size of 10-11 is appropriate. For people between 40 and 65 age group 11-12 point font size is suitable. For people older than 65, a font size of 14-18 may be fitted. Remember, if your site is not readable, your user will leave it within a matter of seconds.

Not Integrating the Right Social Plug-ins

It is very simple to add social media plugins on your web pages. These plugins connect your site to the social platforms. Adding a simple Facebook like button, LinkedIn Share button, Tweet and Google+ Sharing option can be vital in increasing the outreach of your site and build trust among users. Designers who forego this important step must understand that integrating the social plugins is not just a fad anymore, it's a necessity. You may by missing out on huge conversion opportunities by foregoing this step.

Slow Page Load Time

The perception that 'more visuals help in increasing visitor engagement' might be true to some extent. However, if you overload your web pages with heavy images and videos along with flashy banners, you slow down the loading time of your site. Many users might close it even before it opens completely on their browser. Try to avoid filling your site with heavy visuals. Focus more on simple visual elements to engage your users.

Browser Incompatibility

Be sure that your design is compatible on all the browsers and is not too outdated. An ideal web design should be able to scale to adapt to new versions of the browsers. With increasing number of Smartphone and tablets users, it is highly recommended that your web design should be responsive to all screen sizes as well. This simple consideration can drive more traffic to your site as well.

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