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The Apple Watch is the latest gadget in Apple’s ever-growing product line-up. If you’re looking to display your latest application or web interface on the watch, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve gone through and updated our collection of Apple Watch mockups with dozens more beautiful graphics, mockups and vector designs for you to use in your next project. These are mixed templates with photograph-based PSD mockups as well as fully scalable vector packs. Some of these mockups contain all the three versions of Apple Watch, including the ‘Sport’ and ‘Edition’ versions. Some sets are free, while others cost a few dollars.

Ceramic Apple Watch 3 Mockup

A professional, stylish mockup of the latest Apple Watch Series 3. This is the mobile data enabled, ceramic model (the high-end version of the Apple Watch). It’s a great way to showcase your Apple Watch app design on the latest device, in a stylish and modern setting. It has a white sport band accompanying the watch itself.

  • Price: Free

14 iWatch Display Mockups

This is a bundle of 14 Apple Watch mockups that features photorealistic templates for showcasing your apps on the new smartwatch. All the mockups come in a single fully-layered PSD, which includes various editions of the Apple Watch.

  • Price: $5

24 PSD iWatch Display Mockups

Another big bundle of Apple Watch mockups. This pack comes with 24 unique mockup templates featuring real-photo Apple Watch mockups featuring 4K resolution. You can easily edit the template using its smart layers as well.

  • Price: $20

Hand-drawn Smartwatch Mockups

These smartwatch templates will help you add a creative touch to your web and print designs. The mockups in this bundle are all hand-drawn. It also includes several different types of Apple and Android smartwatches.

  • Price: $7

Luxury Apple Watch Mockup

An Apple Watch mockup that’s ideal for showcasing fashion and luxury related apps and products. The natural and high-quality setting of this mockup template will certainly add more quality to your design work.

  • Price: $4

10 Cycling Apple Watch Mockups

This mockups bundle is perfect for showcasing any sports related Apple Watch apps or products. The pack includes 10 Apple Watch mockups showing a cyclist wearing the smartwatch in different settings, actions, and backgrounds.

  • Price: $8

Vector SmartWatch Mockups And Icons Bundle

This is a mixed bundle of smartwatch mockups and icons. Perfect for a website design project. It comes with 11 unique vector Apple Watch mockups and 15 beautiful smartwatch related icons, in both colored and outline versions.

  • Price: $10

Apple Watch On Hand Mockup

A minimalist Apple Watch mockup for showcasing an app in a more natural way. This mockup shows a woman wearing the Apple Watch. It’s suitable for showcasing a health or fitness related app or service.

  • Price: $5

Apple Watch Hermes Mockup

This mockup features the design inspired by Apple Watch Hermes collection. The template comes in all 8 colored Hermes Apple Watch designs and band colors.

  • Price: $9

340 Apple Watch Cool Gray Mockups

This is a massive bundle of Apple Watch mockups that feature mockup templates in 340 different angles and perspectives. This pack is also available in Platinum White and Black Volt editions as well.

  • Price: $22

Apple iWatch Presentation Mockup

The background setting of this template makes it suitable for mimicking a real-life press shot of your app on an Apple Watch. The template comes in a fully-layered PSD with photo filters.

  • Price: $4

42mm SmartWatch Mockup

This mockup template is designed to give the Apple Watch a vintage look. It features pre-defined color effects and customizable reflections and leaks effects as well.

  • Price: $2

Apple Watch Charging Mockup

A rare mockup template that shows the Apple Watch in the charging mode. It’s perfect for showcasing your app while also hinting a power-saving feature.

  • Price: $4

Creative Apple Watch Mockup

A real photo Apple Watch mockup featuring a creative background setting. You can easily place your app design on this Apple Watch template using its smart layers.

  • Price: $5

Apple Watch CloseUp Mockup

This close-up Apple Watch mockup is perfect for showcasing your app or service on a website header or background image. It comes with smart layers and several photo filters.

  • Price: $4

Arrows & Craft – Apple Watch Mockups


This pack includes 35 real Apple Watch photo mockups alongside iPhone 6, each in a different style and in 5K resolution.

Price: $10

224 Apple Watch Mockups


With this bundle, you’ll have plenty of choices to find a great Apple Watch mockup for your designs because it comes with 224 mockups in 224 separate layered PSD files.

Price: $24

Apple Watch Mockup


A mockup featuring a close-up shot of the Apple Watch, including 14 different color bands and the ability to turn on/off shadows and reflections.

Price: $8

62 Apple Watch Mockups


This pack includes 62 stylish Apple Watch mockups shot in different angles and available in layered PSD files.

Price: $20

12 Apple Watch Flat Design


A set of 12 colorful Apple Watch graphics designed in flat design style. A bonus file of a hand wearing an Apple Watch design is also included.

Price: $5

UI/Branding Design Mockup


This is a high-resolution PSD graphic that features the latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Apple Watch Series 2 in 5 colors. It also includes a stylish business card design as well.

Price: $9

Apple Watch Mockup PSD

apple watch mockup psd

A high resolution and a realistic Apple Watch mockup with smart objects available in a fully layered PSD file.

Price: $9



A beautifully illustrated graphic of the Apple Watch featuring a number of band colors/options, 4 different clock displays, and app icons.

Price: $5

Watch Mockup – 7 poses


This bundle includes 7 PSD files featuring 7 different poses of the Apple Watch alongside MacBook Pro and iPhone 6.

Price: $9

iWatch GUI kit


This is a customizable Apple Watch mockup bundle that includes over 20 different elements, which you can use to create your own Apple Watch design with a unique graphical user interface.

Price: $10

Watch Mockups


This bundle comes with 12 different Apple Watch mockups, including two mockups of the stainless steel model of the Apple Watch.

Price: $5

RS Smartwatch Mockup


Featuring 6 different mockups with different styles and backgrounds, this mockup bundle also allows you to change colors, show/remove a hand, add your own backgrounds, and do much more.

Price: $7

ismartWatch – Realistic PSd Mockup


A high-resolution PSD mockup featuring the stylish white version of the Apple Watch.

Price: $4

Apple Watch Mockup


This Apple Watch mockup pack includes 6 different backgrounds for customizing your designs.

Price: $5

Watch Mockups


A massive mockups bundle of 40 PSD files, including 30 standalone Apple Watch mockups featuring Apple Watch, Watch Sport, along with Gold & Rose Gold editions.

Price: $9

7 Office Setup Apple Watch Mockups


This beautiful set has 7 different poses for Apple Watch in an office ambiance. It also has multiple Apple devices setup in the scenes along side the Apple Watch. This pack is simply perfect for depicting apps and web interfaces over multiple Apple products.

  • Price: $9

Minimal Apple Watch Vector Template


An entirely vector rendering of the Apple Watch. This is a minimal designed, fully scalable vector Apple Watch with blue strap and is absolutely free of cost.

  • Free

Apple Watch Mockup with Front & Side Perspective

A clean mockup of sports version of Apple Watch depicting the front and side poses that you can use to display your work. This template is declared as Free and has no proper license given.

  • Free

Minimal Apple Watch Mockup

If you’re looking for the minimal version of Apple Watch then this simple vector might be your answer. A fully scalable, free template for you to display your designs effectively.

  • Free

Apple Watch Stainless Steel Version PSD Mockup

An Exquisite mockup PSD file displaying the stainless steel version of Apple Watch. You can easily replace the watch’s screen with your content in this free template.

  • Free

Apple Watch & iPhone 6 Device Mockup


This high-quality photo features an Apple Watch and iPhone 6. Perfect to show off any kind of app, website or media project.

  • Price: $6

Apple Watch Sketch Vector

Simple black and white outline sketch for Apple Watch. A useful mockup that will help your design work pop out. Available for free for use and download.

  • Free

4 Apple Watch Mockups (PSD)


A Round-up of 4 Apple Watch photograph based mockups arranged in in different settings. These are ideal if you’re looking for watch templates around user’s wrists.

  • Free

Apple Watch Sports PSD Mockup


A regular, flat sports version of Apple Watch mockup with dark grey strap. You can easily place in your design and display your work instantly.

  • Free

5 PSD Apple Watch Mockups


Closeup on an Apple Watch. This pack includes 5 PSD Files & Help File (in PDF format). Each file is layered and well organized. The Apple Watch mockups were created with smart objects so they are very easy to edit.

  • Price: $9

Flat Apple Watch Vector

This vector pack contains three custom flat designs for Apple Watch and works wonderfully well with minimally designed apps. Each vector depicts a different version of the watch and is totally free to use.

  • Free

Apple Watch Outline Template


Free Apple Watch wireframe mockup for displaying prototypes. This pack contains flat minimally designed Apple Watch interface and works like a blueprint mockup.

  • Free

Minimal Apple Watch Mockups


It’s rightly said that placing the importance on your design and not on its display is a blunder. This mockup is perfect for showcasing your design work and communicating with clients.

  • Price: $7

Flat Vector Template for Apple Watch


This pack contains a flat vector of Apple Watch that can be handy if you’re looking for a design in vector Illustrator format. You can easily modify the screen with your design and use it to showcase your work.

  • Free

Multi Colored Apple Watch Mockups


This free Apple Watch mockup has been created completely from scratch using vector shapes and layer styles in Photoshop and is fully customisable. Included is one PSD with a Smart Object for mocking up your designs, and 5 color bands from the Sport range (white, black, blue, green and pink).

  • Free

Grey and Lime Colored Apple Watch Mockups


This layered mockup allows you to quickly display (via smart-object layer) your designs into a digital device showcase. It comes available in lime, white, black, red and blue colors.

  • Price: $12

Flat Apple Watch Mockup Design


This pack is filled with flat designed multi colored Apple Watch mockups. A perfect way to display your app designs for the watch.

  • Free

12 Apple Watch Mockups in Urban Settings


12 Super clean and sharp images with replaceable Smart Object screens. Perfect for advertising an App and using as website headers. Real easy to edit. You can even change the band color to one of the 5 different colors. Just drop in your screen shot and you’re good to go!

  • Price: $10

Black Apple Watch Mockup


This pack contains a sharp image of person viewing Apple Watch on his wrist. Design comes with replaceable Smart Object screen. Perfect for advertising an App and using as website headers.

  • Price: $5

Simple Flat PSD Apple Watch Mockup


This pack contains 5 multi-colored, minimal, flat, designs of Apple Watch that you can use to display your next project.

  • Free

Apple Watch Edition Vector Mockup


Nice little vector Apple Watch designed in Adobe Illustrator. Vectors in illustrator prove to be more versatile than the PSD files because of their small file size and ones needs to use for large printing or small digital use.

  • Price: $3

High Resolution Apple Watch Mockup


A high resolution PSD mockup of Apple Watch that will help you tremendously in easy display of your work.

  • Free

Flat Squared Apple Watch Mockup


Easy to use, well organized files, and with 3 beautiful icons included. This Apple Watch vector is a simple time saver for your next design.

  • Price: $5

16 Amazing Mockups for Apple Watch


This product contains 16 PSD Files (11 files with single device & 5 files as sets) & Help File (in PDF format). Each file is layered and well organized. The Apple Watch mockups were created with smart objects and thus can be edited with ease.

  • Price: $9

Flat Scaleable Mockup for Apple Watch


Another flat mockups pack for Apple Watch that is totally free to use. This item contains a nice side and front perspective and designs can be displayed in a number of different versions of the watch.

  • Free

Complete Mockup Pack of 3 Editions


It includes the default, Sport, and Edition models. Everything is fully vector except for the metal/steel band. Feel free to use this PSD wherever you’d like as it comes with free license.

  • Free

Apple Watch Mockup – Gold Edition


A nicely made office settings of Apple Watch mockup. Use this design to lift up your next design project for this gadget.

  • Price: $4

Flat Design Mockups of Apple Watch

flat-mockups (1)

This pack contains two simple grey and blue Apple Watch editions. The grey version has square strap  while the blue contains rounded strap.

  • Free

12 Apple Watch Fitness Setting Mockups


With Apple newly announcing WatchOS 2 get these 12 Apple Watch Mockups to display fitness Apps as well as use for stock photos on your website! Easy to edit templates using real photos and smart objects. You can even change the band color to one of the 5 different colors.

  • Price: $10

Classic Black Apple Watch Mockup – Classic Black


This pack has a PSD file of photograph based close up view of Apple Watch. The file is completely layered based on smart objects and you can easily replace the screen with your own.

  • Price: $5

3D Apple Watch Side View Mockup


A vectored version of the Apple Watch for you to place your new designs in. You can easily replace the screen items with your own content.

  • Price: $5

5 PSD Apple Watch Mockups with River View


Mockups bundle of Apple Watch named “River”. 5 PSD mockups presenting situation of a man in a suit taking a look on his fresh new Apple device.

  • Price: $12

2 PSD Apple Watch Business Edition Mockups


Business edition of Apple Watch – 2 PSD mockups presenting situation of a man in a suit taking a look on his fresh new Apple device. Close up view PSD file included to present detailed look on your work.

  • Price: $6

Watch Screenshot Mockup PSD


The PSD comes with 3 different user interfaces to choose from: texting, fitness, and profile. it has adjustable band color.

  • Free

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