6 Dirty Texts to Send Your Man Tonight

Making sexual connection with your man is very important when in a relationship. I’m a huge fan of dirty texting and would not hesitate to text my boyfriend a random dirty text whenever I have an opportunity to.

I’m sure your man is just like my boyfriend (they say all men are the same anyway) and chances are dirty language will send shivers down his spine arousing his sexual desires. You may never know how naughty your man can be until you start a dirty conversation with him over text. Trust me!

A great way to sound naughty and dirty is to describe vividly what happens during sex and how good it feels. Talk about your naughty sexual fantasies and don’t be afraid to say to your man what you want or wish he would do to you if he was in bed with you right now.

Compose dirty texts to send your man in such a way that he will feel loved. Talk about his body or mention your most preferred part of his body. In other words, try and complement your man in a dirty way and be descriptive and as creative as you can.

There’s more to dirty talk than dirty words. Combine graphics and smiles to make the message clear. Nowadays most phones have high resolution camera that can capture clear images and videos. Attach a video or an erotic picture to make the text hotter.

There are many dirty texts you can send your man, but that doesn’t mean copying them right out of a book. While they provide a great way to get you started, it imperative that you get into a sexy conversation that both of you can relate to. Use words that will make your man feel loved and use lines that you’re comfortable with. Different people will react to different dirty words in a number of ways so it’s important that you use lines that won’t leave you or your partner embarrassed.

Remember that dirty texts need to sound spontaneous and really naughty at the same time. To make sure this happens you need to get your timing right. You’re more likely going to have fun if you send him a dirty text when he is in mood. Make it exciting, after all you’re out to have fun.

Here are some dirty texts to send your man. Mind you, they are the same text messages I have used on my man and the results have been amazing;

• I’m so turned on right now. I’m blowing up! I wish you were here to cool me down.

• My inner thighs are aching. They surely miss your thighs between them.

• Come over baby and make love to me. You know no one has ever made love to me like you do.

• I can’t stop thinking about last night. What did you do to me? Can I have some of that tonight?

• If you were to describe my body, what words would you use?

• I had a sexy dream last night and you were in me; literally. Want to hear more about it?

When you want to make a dirty text sound naughty you should use words that won’t make the whole line lose its sensual appeal. For instance, instead of saying I “want you to come and take me right now” or “I love the way you lick me” say instead “I want you to come and make sweet love to me”. In other words, when a dirty text is to direct it may come out as boring and in the process leave nothing to your partner’s surprise.

Start slowly and keep playing with dirty words one step at a time. Let the messages be naughty and have some form of mystery. This makes the text exchange more exciting as your partner will keep guessing on what’s to come.