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Figma plugins are a great way to expand your design capabilities. We’ll look at six of the best Figma plugins for animations you can try out today! 

Woman Take a Picture - Web 3D IllustrationWoman Take a Picture - Web 3D Illustration
With a Figma animation plugin you can bring the elements of this landing page design to life.

Have your worked with Figma for a while? Let me take your expertise and web design skills to the next level.

6 Figma Animation Plugins Every Designer Should Know

It’s time to start working with Figma plugins to save some time and design energy. We made a selection of some of the best Figma plugins.

Choose the Figma animation plugin that best suits your needs and try it out! 

1. Figmotion


We’ll start with this Figma animation plugin. With Figmotion you can create and export Figma animations as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This means you can easily create interactive animations and embed them in websites and web apps. It’s also one of the most popular in the Figma community, being used by over 300k people.

2. Jitter

Jitter Animation for FigmaJitter Animation for FigmaJitter Animation for Figma

Jitter is a Figma plugin to add animations to your interfaces and content such as social media and videos. You can even create a motion design system with this Figma animation plugin. It’s super simple to use and you can create quick and easy animations. You can also export your animated designs as videos, GIF, and Lottie.

3. Morph


Do you want to create smooth animations between different states of shapes in Figma? Then Morph is the Figma animation plugin you were looking for. It’s really easy to use. You’ll just have to select any shape, vector, or text layer, pick a morph effect from the plugin and you’re all set! The best of all: it’a a 100% free to use. 

4. Motion


Another popular Figma animation plugin is Motion. Create animations using Expressions, which help you timing, duration, and easing of animations. With Expressions you can create animation effects, such as fade in, fade out, and slide in. Then, share your animated designs in gif, mp4, webm, svg, sprites, frames, css, dev. You can try it out for free. 

5. Flipbook Animator GIF

Flipbook Animator GIFFlipbook Animator GIFFlipbook Animator GIF

Fancy converting your Figma design animation into a GIF? Flipbook GIF Animator is here to help. It’s a Figma plugin that will help you to create animation from static images auto-magically and export to GIF.

This Figma animation plugin features live preview to see your animation in real time and a built in editor to change speed in your animations. 

6. GIF Export

GIF ExportGIF ExportGIF Export

It’s easy to export your animated GIF with Figma plugins like this one. With GIF Export you’ll just have to select the frame of composition with the GIF and run the “Export GIF” plugin command. And that’s how you can create memes and GIFs in Figma. 

This is just a tiny selection of Figma plugins to get you started. Go to Figma Community to search for more plugins you can try out.

Working with Figma plugins can help you optimize your design workflow, and take the quality of your designs to the next level. 

Figma Templates on Envato Elements

Now that you know some of the best Figma plugins available, you can also test them out with Figma templates.

Envato Elements has a wide variety of creative assets for Figma including flowcharts, wireframes, mobile app templates, web templates, and more. 

Figma creative assets available on Envato ElementsFigma creative assets available on Envato ElementsFigma creative assets available on Envato Elements

Try out one of the many Figma templates available on Envato Elements!

More Figma Resources and Tutorials

Learning to use Figma and its tricks is to enter a universe of possibilities in UX / UI design.

Is there anything else you’d like to learn in Figma? Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Figma tutorials and resources available on Envato Tuts+: 

You’re Becoming a Figma Pro! 

If you’re already working with Figma animations, that means you’re kind of a pro. This selection is just the beginning of your Figma journey. Try out different Figma plugins and templates to find what works best for you. 

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