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Social Media is a buzz phrase that has taken over the internet and the business world. But many people still find themselves asking what's it all about?

The answer is not easy one word response by any means. But it certainly is something that you should be taking into account as part of your business' marketing budget as it is a fantastic tool to use for a wide variety of activities.

So what is social media? Just Facebook and that Twitter thing? Well, it is those, yes. But a whole lot more too. Facebook and Twitter are the two platforms with the largest reach but there is a wide variety of social media outlets that you can use for your business, it all depends on what you do. You can find 5 tips below that will help you get on the right road to social media success:

1. Set up a Facebook Fan Page
A Facebook Fan Page is easy to set up and a great place to build a community around your business / product / brand. The important thing to remember is that people will 'like' the page based on what content is on there, so it's important to have an active wall with links to interesting bits on the web that relate to you and your brand. It's also key to interact with fans when tey ask questions as that will make them more likely to spread the word about your business.

2. Get on Twitter
The same applies to Twitter as above. Set up an account, tweet interesting content and interact with your followers. This will grow your following and give you more people to promote your things too – in moderation of course!

3. Interact with Key Bloggers
It's important to find out who the key bloggers are in your industry. This can usually be done with a simple Google search and will highlight who are the VIPs. Once you have them, make them your best friend. Their reach is vast and if they are on your side then you have a huge advantage. By them cakes, send them freebies, just ensure they're on your team!

4. Write a Blog
A blog is a great way to add a personal touch to your company. Give people an insight into what you do on a daily basis (although you do not have to post every day) and show them behind the scenes. This allows you to build a more personal relationship with them and will make them more likely to associate with your brand.

5. Manage Your Reputation
What better way to manage your reputation than directly to your fans. Take newspapers out the agenda, avoid journalists, just tell your fans straight what is happening, whether it is a crisis or a big launch. Once you have built a strong social media following you no longer readily on the press to support you marketing activities to get the word out there.

6. Be Honest and Open
Whichever platform you are operating on the most important thing is to be honest, genuine and open about your intentions. If people even get a sniff that something funny is going on then it will spread around the internet like wild fire and forever damage your brand and your business.

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