7 Rules To Create A Killing Sales Page

7 Rules To Create A Killing Sales Page

In today's world, the usage of internet has become so intense that almost 1 out of 5 person (20%) in the world uses internet, and the number continues to grow rapidly. That leads to the emergence of e-commerce with a stunning growth rate since the last decade. Billions of dollars is spent over the internet every year on almost everything that is sellable.

All internet users somehow or rather will come across different websites, emails or newsletters that promote or sell different things everyday. These are sales pages. The purpose of these sales pages is to introduce a product (tangible or intangible), stimulate visitor's interest and needs almost instantly and close the sale. But there is a question for everyone especially webmasters: are they all effective and have high conversion rate?

The answer is obviously NO. But how can we (webmasters) create a sales page that "kills"? A sales page that kills MUST consist of the following elements:

1. Fast loading. Sometimes sales pages can be quite annoying and you have probably about 5 – 10 seconds to grab prospects' attention. If your page takes anytime more than that to load, you are ready to kiss your prospects goodbye. Here's the golden rule: DO NOT load your sales page with tons of information and graphics where it will prolong the loading time!

2. Professional outlook. Make sure your sales page / website is professional looking. If you are not able to construct the website yourself, you can hire a web developer to get the job done at a minimal cost.

3. Simple, understandable language. You prospects / visitors may come from different background and countries with different languages ​​and not all of them have good command of your language. DO NOT load your sales page with flowery and bombastic terms. Best is, write the way you talk. Make your sales page "talk" to your prospects rather than "inform" them.

4. Keep your graphics simple and related. No doubt graphics / photos is one of the best way to grab your prospects' attention because human being always respond better to them. You might want to put a picture of yourself or with you loved ones if you are trying to brand yourself and your company. However, do take note that graphics is a significant cause in longer loading time. Therefore, please make use of graphics wisely.

5. Testimonials. Testimonial is one of your most valuable assets. If you have any good testimonials from your customers, put them in! Testimonial is a magic tool in your sales page that helps you to sell because a significant number of buyers very very much on testimonials to ensure that the decision that is about to be made, is a good one.

6. Inspiring true story. A lot of webmasters nowadays like to start their sales page with an inspiring true story. This is a smart technique because stories help prospects to visualize their current situation better. They will "see" themselves in the story, start to see the need and become more anxious to make a purchase to satisfify their needs.

7. Offer freebies to attract subscribers. Fact is, not everyone will make a purchase right in their first encounter of your product. You would want to follow up with them, looking into future purchases. To do this, you can offer freebies in terms of eBook, trial version of soft wares or even newsletters to get them to provide you with their names and emails in exchange with your freebies. To keep a database of these contact information and conduct follow-up actions, you can engage an auto responder service to help you do all this on autopilot.

These are some of the foundations of creating a sales page that helps you to maximize your profits. Treat these ideas as a flexible guideline and customize them into your industry and you will see the difference. Remember: flexibility is the hallmark of good selling.

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