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You know how important social media optimization is but, admittedly, it can be a daunting task trying to keep up with it all. So I thought I'd give you seven simple social media marketing tips you can do regularly to help build your social media network.

1. Contacts. Add 5 new contacts on Facebook or LinkedIn each week. This should take you less than an hour. Fortunately, Facebook and LinkedIn make this easy for you by recommending friends with similar interests. Or you can simply visit the pages of your other Facebook friends and find new friends there to invite. When you send an invitation, include a personal message, such as, "Hi, we are both friends with Jim Miller and have some similar interests and hope you will accept my invitation."

2. Forum posting. Concentrate on one active forum in your niche and build up your profile and make 3-5 posts per week. Use the PM (Private Message) feature to communicate with other members behind the scenes. But do not sell to them!

3. Prune your RSS Feeds. Go through your feed reader (Google Reader, Bloglines, etc.) and ruthlessly prune. You'll find that you do not read all the blogs you have subscribed to and you should eliminate this clutter so that you are not as distracted from your work. Make a list of the top 5 blogs in your niche and read those posts every day and leave at least one comment per week on those five blogs.

4. Yahoo Answers. This is not effective for all niches because Yahoo Answers readers tend to be young, but answer 5 Yahoo Answers questions per day in your niche, if appropriate. You'll soon notice that most of the people who answer questions are not very articulate or do not provide quality information, so it will be easy for your answers to stand out and get selected as the best answer.

5. Digg away. Spend 15 minutes on Digg each day and try to befriend some of the top Diggers there. Instant message is the best way to keep in touch with them and they usually post that info on their profiles.

6. Focus, focus, focus. Just because there's a lot of hype about a particular social media site does not mean you should devote time to it. Focus only one the sites that will help you grow your business and do not get caught up in drama and hype.

7. Be on alert. Check your Google Alerts for your name once a day. If someone has mentioned you in a blog or other website, go and leave a comment or respond in some way.

By following this tips, you should be able to use social media more efficiently and see your business grow as a result.