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If you have not already heard, a revolution is upon us. Never before has someone created an effective all in one website development solution. I've always wanted a product that allows you to take a few paragraphs of content and turn it into a stylish optimized website in minutes. Anyone will tell you, having your own website is a huge asset in the world of internet marketing. Anyone just getting started in internet marketing is usually limited by time and money. With new software, you can now save money by developing your own professional websites in literally minutes. Now you can spend more time working toward your goals, making money! You might be asking, "What makes Site Rubix so special?" Let me tell you …

When I got started in the web, I wasted so much time learning HTML code. I was pleased to learn that new software allows you to design highly professional websites without any knowledge of HTML or other programming. Designing your site is now as easy as drag and drop. Easily copy and paste your content into place.

Already have a design that you like? I've often wanted to find something that has a cloning feature that allows you to copy a design and then easily customize it to your needs. FrontPage and Dreamweaver can not do this.

It is always important to keep your customers attention. With my websites, I want the ability to easily change my sites template in about a minute. 100% seamless template flipping. Now I can stay ahead of the competition that is still using last year's web design.

Once you are ready to launch your site, turn to Site Rubix's built in FTP. With a click of the button, your new website is uploaded to your web server and is live. You now have a professional optimized website.

Like I said, adding content is as easy as drag and drop. Same goes for images. Just drag, drop and let the Site Rubix automatically resize your images to the appropriate size.

Many webmaster purchase special software just to make those screen shots that they use on their websites. I can not see a reason to spend money on software that just does screen shots when other software has the feature built in. In under a minute you can take a screen shot and have it resized and live on your site. Just think about all the time you will be saving.

Once your site is up and running, managing all your site files, banners, images, etc can become overwhelming. Luckily, Site Rubix also has an easy to use media management tool built in.

It's time to put an end to the large web development budgets used on your marketing campaigns. Take the process into your own hands with confidence by using Site Rubix to design, modify and upload your sites. Like I said before, you can literally design an optimized website that will look like you spent thousands of dollars on a fraction of the price and in about five minutes. With Site Rubix you can now maximize your online profits by creating fully optimized websites in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. You now can have complete control over your content while giving Site Rubix take care of making your site look great. Do not take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

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