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8 Website Design Best Practices

What are some website design best practices? This question is raised often by business owners who want to create a client-attracting website but do not have the money to hire a web designer. So, I decided to discuss these best practices in this article. Here are 8 website design best practices that would help you, as a business owner, draw customers to your business.

Your paragraphs must not be more than 5 or 6 sentences long. Divide long paragraphs into 2 or 3 paragraphs because people lose concentration when reading long text.

Create a CSS style sheet for your website. You would save a lot of time whenever you style all the properties of a website in one single file.

You must use simple and straight forward menus. Menus must be easy to understand by your visitors. Do not use flash or multi-level drop down menus.

Do not add too much JavaScript to your website. You must not have any JavaScript errors too. Use JavaScript for calculations. Too much JavaScript can reduce the speed of your website and could break some browsers. JavaScript is not compatible with all browsers and you could lose visitors because you included a lot of JavaScript in your website.

Do not add too much pictures to your website. This is another website design best practice that you must pay close attention to. You can reduce the speed of your website, if you add too much pictures to your website. Use Photoshop or any other photo editing software to reduce the file size of your pictures, before placing them on your website, if you feel the need to add pictures to your website.

You must use three or four different colors throughout your website. Furthermore, the color of your text must be different from the background color.

Your website must be fully functional. All internal and external hyperlinks must work. All web form operations are expected too.

Your website must be W3 compliant and compatible with all browsers. It must work properly on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera so that you can get more visitors. It must also work properly on all mobile device browsers.

To conclude, a good website design will enable you to grow your business. Always remember the following 8 website design best practices whenever you create a website: you must create a CSS style sheet for your website, your paragraphs must be short, you must not include too much JavaScript codes in your website, you must use simple, straight forward menus, your website must be W3 compliant, your website must be fully functional, you must limit your website’s colors to three or four different colors and do not put too many pictures on your website.

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