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A Comparison Between Mobile Websites and Responsive Web Des…

The use of internet have shifted from the desktop computers and reduced to the palms of the users. According to study there are more than 6 billion users worldwide who are using mobile contraptions including smart phone, tabs as well as net books. Of these 6 billion users, 1.2 billion users are using internet through their mobile phones. The approaches for using internet are in the process of the evolution on a continuous basis. These mediums have opened a new horizon for the web designers for providing the users with awe inspiring websites. This article would be taking up two of these approaches namely Responsive Web designs and Mobile version websites and present a comparison between them.

Responsive website design has the ability of detecting the resolution and screen size of the device you are using. It helps in manipulating the layouts and the text of the website, and makes it appropriately fit your screen size to fit your screen size for your viewing pleasure. The responsive element is based on the Cascading Style Sheet application which makes it malleable to any of the aforementioned mobile devices and several other more.

On the other hand, mobile websites are specifically designed for the mobile phones. The customization of the appearance is made for especially for the mobile features. The user when visits a websites through his mobile device he gets redirected to the mobile version of the site before getting to the full version site. The benefit of the mobile internet users is that they get the option of using the mobile site as well as the full version site.

Both of these approaches have their own share of advantages and disadvantages:

Responsive Design Advantages

  • The websites made by responsive website design are adjustable to all mobile devices without any kind of hindrances.
  • There are no possibilities of scrolling left to right, as the web pages fit comfortably to the screen, giving you the optimum visual experience.
  • The content can be updated at one place, eg, the main website, subsequently changing the content of all the other websites.
  • The thumb users get an extra privilege for using responsive web design.

Responsive Design Disadvantages

  • There are no windows for customization of your mobile sites because the websites can only be manipulated from the main site.
  • Content heavy websites has to be scrolled excessively by the user.
  • Due to the ability of automatically assumption, it provides only the mobile site to the user. The users are not given the option to view the full version website.
  • The following lines would be dealing with the advantages and the disadvantages of mobile websites.

Mobile Website Advantages

  • Mobile websites are customizable from the perspective of content and appearance. The content can be modified as per the mobile requirement of the user.
  • Mobile website provides the users with call button to directly connect while visiting the website providing the instantaneous customer support and reception.
  • As it uses less bandwidth it provides the user with faster loading facility. The images are small to adapt to the screen size and it does not become heavy as the main site.
  • The user can have a clutter free experience compared to the main site, as most of the clutter can be edited.
  • The user can choose between the mobile version as well as website version.

Mobile Website Disadvantages

  • Web designers have to update two separate types of sites individually, whether that is the mobile site or the main website.
  • With changing mobile technologies, the websites have to fine tuned accordingly.
  • As the content of both sites exactly the same, the search engines would be taking them separately affecting both the page views and ranks.

Now it is up to you which one would be most appropriate for developing your website. If you want more information about these two approaches you can always opt for Sydney Web Design Companies.

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