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Do you want to know what the Facebook Ads Guide is all about and whether it can really work? The owner of this guide is a professional marketer who has only recently discovered that he could get much more traffic and better results from the traffic from Facebook compared to the other traffic sources that he has been using before.

It utilizes the concept of affiliate marketing, which is not something new in the industry, to combine it with the latest and most popular social networking website Facebook.

1. Does The Facebook Ads Guide Traffic Really Work?

Prior to this, there are many other popular methods such as blogging and pay per click, but these methods have become more and more competitive in recent months. With Facebook, I have found that I can easily get as much traffic as I could get from Google without having to deal with the negative attitude that their representatives typically show to marketers.

2. Who Is the Creator of Facebook Ads Guide, and Can You Really Trust Him?

This professional marketer is Jonathan Volk who has been marketing on Google before getting hit by multiple slaps and bans to his accounts. By experimenting with Facebook, he has discovered a new traffic source that allows him to greatly diversify his businesses’ traffic source and protect his affiliate income at the same time. Throughout these years, Jonathan has been able to generate millions of dollars in affiliate revenue, most of which are coming from his Facebook advertisements that he has only recently started creating about 10 months ago.

3. What Is the Facebook Ads Guide All About?

By following this guide, I have learned how to make money from Facebook through affiliate marketing. I must say that before I discovered this guide, I had experimented with placing Facebook ads but did not get good results with it. Luckily, I have now learned why I was not getting results after reading Jonathan’s guide, as it turns out that there are so many intricate details that I had to look at before placing my ads that would greatly affect the outcome of my advertising campaigns.

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