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As a business owner or entrepreneur you may be feeling overwhelmed about the best way to compete online with countless competitive websites. This informative article can help you to comprehend precisely how a custom WordPress website developed from a responsive WordPress theme can be your ideal option.

For purposes of this article, let’s assume you recognize the numerous advantages of custom WordPress for your website, blog, sales landing page or eCommerce website design: customizable plugins, cost-effective, web conversion modules and extensive WordPress theme selections that are user-friendly with ready access to your market by means of search engine marketing.

Keep in mind that there are scores of individuals who seem to prefer to access the internet through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. These users will very quickly search, find, bookmark and purchase from mobile friendly websites, and post their experience on social networking sites. These people will not stick around and purchase when the eCommerce website design does not permit them to effortlessly view content from their mobile phone. Sites without mobile friendly designs are being overlooked by this developing and entirely diverse market of mobile device consumers. The great news for you is that the majority of your rivals haven’t figured it out either and this leaves the market wide open for you to move in and capitalize on this incredible opportunity. Should you hesitate, you will miss out on a trend that could make you a fortune.

WordPress for Mobile Website Design

To tap into this exclusive market of mobile customers, let’s take a look at the choices in custom WordPress development. Custom WordPress refers to custom developed WordPress designs or more commonly, customized WordPress themes. Whenever possible, it tends to make very good sense to develop from customized themes. Many good themes include integrated components such as portfolios, slideshows, special formatting for block quotes, testimonials, drop caps and other elements that are available through short codes built into the theme. These themes can be substantially more effective with integrated WordPress web conversion modules and revenue creating plugins. Two alternatives for WordPress mobile website design include WordPress mobile conversions and WordPress responsive themes.

Adding Mobile Conversions for WordPress

An existing WordPress website that is successful in obtaining visitors, experiences conversions and is up to date in current Internet development standards is ideal. When this is the situation, creating an alternate WordPress mobile website for display in mobile devices only, tends to make a great deal of sense. The first step in building a mobile website design is performed with software that converts the existing website to a format that’s easily displayed in mobile devices. Not everything in the website will be converted in the WordPress mobile conversion. Some limitations include:

  • Additional customization may be required for conversion buttons, phone numbers and other components.
  • Menus are shortened and do not support sub-page visibility from flyout menus. This limits the quantity and type of pages unless they are added through custom WordPress development.
  • Short codes for special formatting aren’t supported. What this means is that many content items will not end up being available or display correctly. To be able to see them, the visitor must click a link that takes them to the desktop website version. From there, they can return to the mobile version by clicking another link.
  • As fresh material is added through the WordPress admin, proper display and functionality has to be verified in the mobile version and adjustments made if necessary. This can significantly increase the costs of maintaining an effective web presence.

WordPress Responsive Themes for eCommerce Website Design and Websites

Fortunately, WordPress theme developers became aware of the trend toward use of mobile devices and developed a smart and cost-effective alternative. Designs were created that automatically altered the size and display for just about any monitor resolution and kind of device. Responsive themes were specifically designed for eCommerce website design and business and corporate websites and blogs. Development using responsive themes means that only one version of the website is needed. This minimizes expenses and facilitates an enhanced visitor experience because all content displays correctly on every single device. Since responsive development is fairly new, a few disadvantages should be mentioned. There are limited responsive themes in circulation and elements in these themes may be somewhat restrictive. But in general, with accurate custom WordPress enhancements, a responsive theme for websites, blogs, sales landing pages and eCommerce website design is a sensible approach considering the massive trend toward use of mobile devices. This diverse market of mobile device consumers will definitely continue to grow and businesses that are adequately prepared through use of this technology, will have a definite advantage for capturing a much larger market share.

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