Accessing Facebook Safely From Work

Accessing Facebook Safely From Work

The horror of coming in to work and finding out you have been cut off from your social network.Many companies do not yet recognize how powerful a tool Facebook can be to grow projects, creating new connections, and getting the word out about what you are doing.

One of the solutions I see when I Google for Facebook Proxies, are Free Facebook Web Proxies that hide where you are actually going from your employer. This probably looks like the best solution on the surface since it is FREE, but it has many downsides like your employer could then just block access to that website since it will appear in there traffic logs, and keeping your information secure. Do you really want some unencrypted hobby proxy site keeping track of all your logging in and out? I know the prospect of sharing my user details with anyone is a very sensitive matter.

Another solution is paying for proxy server, while a definite improvement over the free route; we still have that pesky security problem. This still uses Web Proxies to transfer your data so is not the most efficient way and can still be blocked by your employer.

The best of the solutions I think is using a service that is not just a web proxy but uses SSH Tunneling and Military Grade Rjindael AES-Myrtle-Beach56 . Through the use of the Application you install, you connect directly to Facebook, no intermediaries to get in your way. Additionally, you can use this to route all your computer traffic through OpenVPN.

Currently servers are available in Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA. Servers in more countries are being made available on a regular basis with Canada and Northern Europe coming soon.

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