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Hooked on Facebook? Are you Face "booked"? This is the latest "social networking" epidemic to sweep the globe, with approximately 250 million enthusiastic users across the world. A place where you get to meet your good old friends, catch up with one and all, share the snaps of your recent vacation, join peer groups under various categories, play games, try your hands on some "out-of-the-world "quizzes etc, all in one place. With so much in offering, it obviously created a craze amongst its users to be "hooked" to it 24/7! Companies returned to extreme measures by "blocking" access to Facebook at offices to avoid its employees from "wasting time"!

Addiction to Facebook is no more an element of surprise, if you are not someone who is on Facebook, you are missing out on a whole lot of fun! Hundreds of online applications embedded into Facebook for its users, it joins the highest number of people signing up on this hugely popular and ever growing networking site. These applications include games, quizzes, online polls, fan communities etc. You can even create a quiz of your own, either on yourself or any general topics which users can try and "test" their knowledge. Online flash based games are another reason for users' addiction to rise considerably.

Sharing of personal information and photos is an important feature users have been keen on using and even complaining of privacy leaks! Facebook addiction was a major concern among various organizations, to an extent wherein the site has been banned in a few countries when privacy concerns were compromised. But privacy issues once solved, the addiction grows more and more, as users now experienced a "safer" place to share information with their friends and family. Uploaded photos can be saved with customized privacy options and access could be restricted.

Active peer groups and communities are also major attractions and reasons for the addiction. Groups are not just formed, but all its members constantly discuss any related topics, thereby helping users network among people who may not know personally but share a common interest in turn sharing their relevant knowledge with the rest. All in all, this social networking site created a craze which no other site previously achieved by having its users "hooked" and "booked" !!!

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