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Both SEO and PPC advertising are the two main methods of online marketing. Both of these are aimed at getting highly targeted visitors to the website by making the website rank on search engine results for the keywords being targeted.

Cost and Budget considerations often result in a business having to make a choice between using organic search optimization or pay per click advertising for their business.

Now as we talk about SEO’s vs PPC’s there shall also be some explanations about as how the both strategies of marketing go about.

SEO’s refer to the search engine results that appear. Ranking can not be bought and ranking is a result of organic non-biased steps taken over a period of time.

Organic listings are the results that appear in the main section of a search engine such as Google when there is a search for something.

In a Pay Per Click results are already paid for and results are almost immediate to achieve. Recent years have seen an exponential rise in competition and steep rise in pay per click costs.

Surveys and studies have suggested that users are more likely to click on organic search results that appear on the main section of the page rather than the paid listings that appear as ads on the right.

Organic listings are non-biased and cannot be bought. As such users trust the results more than the paid listings which are a result of paid advertising. The conversion rate for organic listings is much higher than for paid listings.

Rising cost of pay per click. Pay per click campaigns are becoming more expensive day by day as competition is increasing. It is common now a days to pay as much as £1 or £2 per click for a top 5 position in pay per click campaigns like Google ad words.

The results of organic search engine optimization campaign are more permanent that pay per click. In pay per click the results stop almost immediately at the end of the campaign whereas in organic listings the rank remains.

Pay per click advertising is a much quicker way to get results. It is useful to advertise events other marketing campaigns that cannot be planned months in advance. Organic Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming task and organic listings often takes months to achieve.

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