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Advantages Of A Mobile Website Design

Just because people are able to see your website on your mobile device, it does not mean that your business site is smartphone friendly. Mobile website design has grown to be the newest trend online. Mobile sites have a design adapted to the screen of a Smartphone and take into account the needs of mobile users.

As webmasters, we must bear in mind that few business opportunities have taken off as fast as the mobile web. For companies it is a novel way of its objectives and influence your customers, and for agencies is a way of offering new services that generate more revenue in a fast and easy way.

To learn more about mobile website design we must first learn the difference between mobile websites and mobile apps. A friendly website viewable on any smartphone is similar to one normal, only that it has been designed and adapted to navigate comfortably from a phone, and an (app) application for mobile, is programmed to perform specific tasks for cell phone users and must be downloaded and installed on the device.

Advantages of a Mobile Website Design

  • It requires less resources than an application.
  • It is easier and faster to launch a mobile website.
  • We can reuse much of the structure of the Web page.
  • It is available to all devices with Internet access.
  • If the mark is not known, it is difficult to download your application.
  • Updates can be made at any time and immediately available.

Another great advantage of having a mobile ready and friendly site is that it promises to convert more users into customers.

The fastest way to access mobile customers is through a mobile site with easy access. If your site offers a great mobile experience, users will be more inclined to make a purchase or subscribe to your services.

When people visit a web site tailored for smartphones use, 74% of users say that it will be more likely to return to this site in the future while a 67% of mobile users say that when they visit the web site, are more likely to buy a product or service from that web site.

Disadvantages Of a Mobile Web site

  • A mobile optimized web site must adapt to the measures of a mobile device, in addition, the major of mobile browsers are extremely simple.
  • A mobile web site will always be less attractive than your normal desktop site, moreover, it will never be as complex and dynamic as an application.

Having a mobile website design correctly made, has become a critical component in building brands, and also to cultivate lasting relationships with customers and in today's world not having an easy mobile site will only help your competitors.

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