AffiliateMarketing Unwritten Rules: Guidelines for #Online Success

AffiliateMarketing Unwritten Rules: Guidelines for #Online Success

Creating engaging and rich content, sustaining positive relationships on social networks, operating within search engine marketing guidelines,  and shunning away from any black hat search engine optimization  techniques is a must for online business success. While our long-term goal is to strive earnestly to achieve passive income potential from marketing affiliate programs on our community website through posting engaging content and conversing with fans on social networks, sustaining a respectable image and trust is our mantra.

10 Amendments for affiliate marketing success in our online community

  • Create long form (evergreen content) – Combining image and video with text. Evergreen content is classified as  a blog post or webpage written 1000 words or greater. The purpose of creating long form content is to provide rich information to the reader and gain leverage over competitors in improving long-term search engine rankings.  A combination of image and video with Evergreen content not only improves a site retention percentage, also encourages people to share what they’ve read on social networks with others. Evergreen content also has a unique way of spontaneously improving online income potential.

  • No paid link building – Paid links artificially inflates a site’s search engine ranking not deemed trustworthy by search engine crawlers. The best way to earn natural links is by consistently creating engaging and rich content for people to enjoy reading. Paid link building negates from a sites positive reputation and risks this inclusion from search engine results pages.  Lastly, paid links negates from a sites income potential and likely resulting in discontinued partnerships between advertiser and site owner.

  • Only secure e-mail addresses for “permission based e-mail marketing” – Opted in subscribers to our website allow us to send “permission-based e-mails” for the purpose of keeping readers updated  about what’s going on in our community. We only addresses through a secure subscriber form on the community website, informing subscribers we will never sell or rent addresses to anyone. Permission-based e-mail marketing allows us as a small group of send newsletters with affiliate links “with the FTC disclosure included in the e-mail,” for the purpose of keeping people engaged and making money from e-mail marketing.

  • Never ask readers or social networking fans to buy anything – Creative content marketing and taking time to personally answer peoples questions on social networks is our unique way earning money from ads on the website without asking to buy anything. We’ve learned through trial and error when you converse with people and no pressure involved, they’ll buy automatically.

  • Upload YouTube videos daily –  Video has a unique way of immediately each attracting people. Taking time to inform people of what’s important and answering their questions has a special way of subliminally selling itself and keeping  our online community  relevant. Video builds and sustains relationships on all levels.

  • Always speak good of others online – People are most likely to click an affiliate link on a website and make a purchase that speaks highly of others. People love to see and read blogs and websites working together peacefully  toward achieving great things. That said, it also increases the site’s reputation and search engine ranking in the long run, as well as open doors to additional money making opportunities.

  • Shun away from writing short posts – Search engine crawlers quietly scoured the web giving preference to blogs and websites who maintains consistency with publishing Evergreen content. Evergreen content creators are those who publish one to two times daily 1000 words or better per post. Short posts provide little to no value to the reader and gets very little attention from search engines and inbound links.

  • Turn a negative into a positive – This entails possibly following up on a negative review some people may post from time to time about our community website with respect to their point of view. This gives us the opportunity to create engaging and rich content not only to explain our side, but also to show people there’s two sides to every story. This in turn inspires people to engage in meaningful discussion on our community website which allows us to use the energy from people when they leave feedback to boost our search engine rankings, improve advertising revenue potential from ads on the website, and build new relationships.

  • Auto-mail personalized birthday e-mails to community participants – This is a creative marketing ploys most site owners don’t use to keep people engaged.  It also keeps our site successful because when our automated system sends a personalized birthday e-mail to a site user, they respond  in expressing gratitude for wishing them a happy birthday and remembering their special day. It’s important to our success as a small team of affiliate marketers – content strategists to show we truly care.

  • Provide quality and relevant ads for a positive user experience – If a category or now site discusses juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, we provide relevant advertising to match the content. Another words, we don’t discuss one topic and provide ads for another such as talking about health and then showing ads for discount auto parts. Behavioral ad targeting allows us to  provide matching ads alongside content readers find. Using behavioral ad targeting proprietary technology keeps us on the plus side for consistently improving passive advertising revenue potential as well as satisfied site users-readers.

These are some of many ways we strive for excellence and stay successful maintaining a community that serves quality information to empower people discussing today’s most trending topics.

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