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Agronet can be used by farmers to increase crop production which was getting worst by high temperature, frost bite and many other allied reasons. Thus they can use shade nets than using various pesticides for better crops and high yields.

Agronet uses high grade polymers, masterbatch, UV masterbatch etc. in large amount to make product more effective and long lasting. Agronet are available in various shade factors of 35, 50, 75 and 90 pc. They are also available in various colors like green, black and white.

Agronet will block out sunlight and preventing unwanted plant growth and weeds. It also allows water to drain away quickly. Made from high density polyethylene it is UV stabilized for long time. Agronet is strong, durable and ensures good air circulation. It is ideally suited for growth and enhances the quality of plant.

Agronet provides shade to various agricultural and agricultural related industries. Its application include forestry, drying of agriculture products, wind breaking, cattle sheds and fish ponds, floriculture, indoor plants and fruits, etc.

The coloring and U.V. treatment are engrafted in the composition, making agronet more tolerant to the effects of the sun with a more conformable coloring throughout. Installing agronet is easy and suitable way to protect your crops from birds and many other adverse effects. Agronet can last for years and it’s very inexpensive.

Agronet benefits:

Agronet always ensures high productivity, good yield and protects from harmful ultra and infra rays coming out from sun. Agronet help to utilize the waste land and also helps farmer to grow non seasonal crops easily. Agronet works effectively in all altitudes and plains. Also agronet works effectively in high temperatures, light water moisture, etc. In fact agronet also enhances the rate of photosynthesis thereby increasing the output rate threefold.

Agronet areas:

Agronet is widely used in many areas including Nursery, Floriculture, Horticulture, Green House, Bio Fertilizers, Aerouponic Farms, Shed for Animals, Hydrophonic Farms, Flooring for Poly Houses, Gardening & Vegetable Plantations etc.

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