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AI-generated news continues to push the boundaries of misinformation and, this time, it has targeted no less than the United States Securities and Exchange Commission chair, Gary Gensler. 

In a recent occurrence, a deceptive article surfaced on a website called “,” alleging that Gensler had tendered his resignation amidst an internal probe, citing the words of an anonymous official. However, what sets this false rumor apart is the alarming revelation that it was crafted entirely by artificial intelligence. 

Journalists Debunk AI-Generated News

The saga began on July 1 when an article surfaced on the questionable site asserting that Gensler had submitted his resignation amid an internal inquiry. Quickly, several others replicated and amplified the news through Twitter accounts like “@WhaleChart.” However, the truth emerged on Monday morning as journalists reached out to the SEC for clarification, revealing that the news was indeed fake.

Fox senior correspondent Charles Gasparino reached out to the SEC. In an attempt to gather information, he emailed the SEC’s chief public relations (PR) representative, who expressed bewilderment, responding with a simple, “Sorry what?” A couple of hours later, Gasparino took to Twitter to share the outcome of his inquiry, posting, “As expected, SEC PR says Gary Gensler is not resigning.” 

Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terrett also sought clarification from crypto lawyer John Deaton. Terrett, citing her sources within the SEC, categorically dismissed the rumors, stating, “My SEC sources are calling BS on this.” She further confirmed that she had already contacted the SEC to obtain an official comment.

Notably, the official SEC Twitter feed did not mention anything about Gensler’s resignation. Instead, it primarily featured a compilation of the agency’s most recent enforcement actions. 

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The Perils Of Misinformation

The recent incident involving the false rumors surrounding Gensler’s resignation underscores the ever-present dangers of AI-generated news and other forms of misinformation in today’s tech landscape. It highlights the pressing need for robust fact-checking measures to counter the spread of falsehoods fueled by AI-generated news.

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Fact-checking organizations, responsible journalism, and critical thinking are indispensable tools in navigating the complex digital landscape. It is crucial to seek out credible sources, cross-reference information, and rely on reputable news outlets known for their adherence to journalistic standards.

However, this isn’t the first time such claims have circulated within the media landscape. In April, reports emerged suggesting that Gensler was on the verge of being “fired.”

At the time of writing, Gensler remains as the SEC’s chief. 

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