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Of course the most popular topic when discussing links is the art (or task task) of link building. There is no denying that even some of the seasoned (old school) websites are seeing a decline in their own search engine position. All the more reason a strong link building strategy is a definite asset to your SEO campaign. A long with link building there are other link related issues to consider when optimizing a website.

1. Linking Text – Use key word phrases for links to your site or within your site. This is important with both internal and external links to pages on your website. For example, for a target page "seo tools" its much better to link to "seo tool" instead of phrases like "Click Here", "More Info" or "Read Here".

2. Personalize – Consider personalizing your search phrase to increase results in local searches. Instead of using phrases like "HOME" or "contact us", you might try "Tricon Group" or "Contact Tricon Group".

3. HOME Page – Be sure your internal links to your HOME page are linked to your domain rather than an index.html or default.php page.

4. Absolute Links – There is usually mixed discussion about whether to use Absolute (ex. "Http://") or orrative links (ex. "Linkpopularity.html"). For a site heavy on links, you may experience a faster loading page with the use of relative links but if someone ever scrapes your web page you might get a backlink out of it. BONUS!

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