Article Marketing – Getting Massive Backlinks

Article Marketing – Getting Massive Backlinks

What do we mean by the term article marketing? It is the practice of scripting articles of about 500-900 words which have a decent amount of keywords embedded in it somewhere. Keywords are used quite often but yet the article has to be not too spammy. The real benefit of article writing comes from the section where the description about the author is given. You can add up to two or three links when direct users towards your website, a blog or a mini site etc. The links that you put on your site can have a keyword in it which can help get users to your site and the article is normally written in a flow. It follows a pattern and not just a wayward use of words and use of keywords in random places. Webmasters when looking to get more traffic often require up to 40 different articles for their website. That way they can get more backlinks and traffic. But let's be honest, writing 40 articles is not a very easy thing to do. So many of the experiences webmasters will tell you that to put reviews of the product is a much better way to do it then to write 40 articles.

Another very efficient way to publicize your website is to submit it to different article directories. You can submit the articles relating to your website to different article directories and what the for site is that it gets you more traffic and more attention. It also increases the amount of backlinks that you will have to your website. The mechanism of article submitting directories is such that it will find about 100 different websites that are related to your articles and place your links to those websites. That way your website links will be on 200 different websites that too is just two days. It is sure to increase the traffic and backlinks to your website. Those 200 sites where the links have been places are now pointing to your site. They are telling that your site is where it's all at!

The question that may come into your mind is that article is scripting and using the keywords in articles really worth all that problem that you put yourself into writing and producing 40 different and unique types of articles that have keywords relating to your site and then submitting your articles to different websites so that it can be publicized? You damn right it is … nothing is more better than to put your site in the limelight, to put your site up in the main pages of search engine results, to have your links given to the relevant sites.

Well there are always different options that you can play the game of SEO for your website with, you can always for the amount of the links that your site can have, or you can go for the links which are well trusted.

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