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Artificial intelligence has prompted the White House to take action by announcing several measures aimed at addressing the technology’s challenges.

These measures come in response to the growing popularity of artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT, and the increasing concerns regarding potential risks for misinformation, privacy, and other pressing issues.

As part of these efforts, United States Vice President Kamala Harris held a meeting on Thursday with the CEOs of four prominent companies focused on AI development.

Additionally, the Biden administration plans to invest $140 million to establish seven new research institutes focused on AI. 

Administration officials provided a preview of this initiative to reporters, highlighting the government’s commitment to advancing artificial intelligence research and development.

VP Harris, Administration Officials Discuss AI Risks With Tech CEOs

On Thursday, Harris and officials from the Administration held talks with CEOs from Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI to address the potential dangers of current AI development. 

CNN reported that President Joe Biden unexpectedly joined the meeting. A White House representative stated that Biden was extensively briefed on ChatGPT and even tried it out himself.

According to a readout released after the meeting, the White House stressed the importance of mitigating the current and potential risks that AI poses to individuals, society, and national security. 

Harris and Biden reportedly expressed that realizing the benefits of AI advances necessitates reducing these risks. The government leaders urged the tech companies to collaborate with the government to help decrease these risks.

White House To Provide Guidance On Federal Use Of Artificial Intelligence

The White House Office of Management and Budget is preparing to release guidelines in the coming months for how federal agencies can use AI tools.

In addition, top AI developers have pledged to participate in a public evaluation of their systems at the DEF CON hacker convention in Las Vegas in August.

The emergence of the ChatGPT chatbot this year has sparked debate about the government’s role in AI technology.

The fact that AI can generate writing and images that are indistinguishable from human-generated ones has raised ethical and societal concerns.

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Last year, the Biden administration introduced a proposal for an AI Bill of Rights, which urges developers to prioritize the principles of privacy, safety, and equal rights as they create new AI tools.

As artificial intelligence technology continues to advance, the government faces a delicate balancing act between reaping the benefits of these advancements and mitigating the potential risks that they pose.

With increased guidance and collaboration between federal agencies and top AI developers, however, there is hope that AI can be harnessed for the greater good while minimizing negative consequences.

-Featured image from Government Technology

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