Auto Insurance Leads – Gather Them With Care

Auto Insurance Leads – Gather Them With Care

Would you want a barrage of auto insurance leads that strongly work or would you go for a lesser number in which all or at least most of them become deal winners? The lighter quite obviously would be your answer. Insurance agents have the tough task of sorting auto insurance leads that they can get hold of to pick winners. Gathering these auto leads with care can save a lot of time for agents because they will already have high probability prospects on their hands. So how do you find a lead delivery service that delivers the goods? Is there a formula that you can use? Well there are some criteria you can use to judge for yourself about the lead quality.

Talking to agents who are already doing very well in the business might give you a few suggestions to begin on. Of course not all agents are large hearted enough to part with the names of good leads delivery sources they know. Some agents may blame a good service because of their own incompetence. If you can manage to sift through all these hurdles you will probably have a hand full of services you could check out. Do not be afraid to pose questions and doubts to them. Ask to see sample auto insurance leads to verify what sort of lead details they provide. Can they give you free leads for a small time period which you can use to decide their effectiveness? This will help you determine if the leads are relevant to your line of insurance and to your location of operation. You could find out how they generate their auto insurance leads list. Do they use organic searches, affiliate programs or paid searches? Ask how they handle false leads that they generate and sell because such leads are a given when buying auto insurance leads in bulk. Do they have a procedure to discard them quickly and ensure that you are not charged for such leads?

Figure out the maximum number of agents to which a lead is given in case of shared auto insurance leads. It is found that in general only if this number is 8 or less you have a fair chance of winning a deal with such a lead. Also ask how and when your auto insurance leads will be delivered – can you get them as emails or as text messages or as direct posts into your quote platform itself? Are they delivered on a real time basis so that you can work them when they are hot? Understand discount capabilities and other facilities the lead delivery company may have on offer. When you buy in bulk you can rightfully expect a hefty discount. Free training on insurance marketing techniques could be an added attraction especially for novices in the area. Lead prices are of course an important deciding factor; doing it in the light of lead quality would be the best way to decide though. Obviously you would be ready to pay more for better profitability that come from high quality auto insurance leads.

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