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Baidu’s “Aladdin” is a platform that accepts data in XML form for display above Baidu’s normal search results. This is an excellent tool for Baidu search engine optimization for websites that have authoritative data on certain subjects.

You have to sign up and verify your website to be able to submit data. Verification is achieved the same way Google Webmaster Tools verifies data – you either upload a file to the root directory of your website or you add a verification code right in your website’s code. For Baidu, you also have to submit some form of personal identification though.

Once you’ve signed up you need to choose keywords that you want your data to be displayed for, choose a template and then submit your data in XML form.

Keywords chosen should be quite specific. They should be the kind of keywords that a searcher users when they are looking for very specific data, such as for recent sports scores or a company phone number or exchange rates. Baidu says the results should be “comprehensive, accurate, unique and up-to-date.”

Baidu only offers a couple simple templates now including a template with just one line of text and a table-like score template. Baidu says you can ask them to create custom templates, but that isn’t likely to happen unless you are bringing some consider data to the table. That is, they probably won’t create custom templates for just any old site.

Once setup, this is an excellent tool for Baidu search engine optimization, but only for websites with authoritative data.

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