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Baidu Analytics is Baidu's answer to Google Analytics. It can be used to track stats for your website, even if your website is written in English. It's a great tool when used together with a Baidu pay per click campaign.

It can show you reports on your website's content, traffic sources including search engines and referring websites. It can also show you data on your visitors such as the city or country that they accessed your website from as well as some other basic visitor stats.

Setup is similar to setup for Google Analytics, using a javascript code snippet on each page to be tracked. Unfortunately for users of content management systems, there are not many modules available to easily install the analytics code. However, it should still be easy to add for those able to insert code in the footer of their website across all pages.

The best reason to use Baidu Analytics over Google Analytics is that it integrates with Baidu pay per click accounts. This means you can see data from your Baidu pay per click account within Baidu analytics, such as clicks, impressions, click-through rate and cost per click.

Another neat feature Baidu Analytics has is that it can provide data on how many visitors started to load one of your pages but then left before the page fully loaded. This is done by including a second optional code snippet in the header of your webpages.

The Baidu Analytics interface is currently only provided in Chinese. So, your Baidu pay per click partner will be able to read it, but you'll probably have to start studying if you want to read it yourself!

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